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PRK manages most/all swancon email addresses forwarding and some group memberships. Change requests should ideal include exactly what address needs to be forwarded and who to (please include email address).

Send From

For anyone wishing to send emails from a committee address, eg position-20xx@swancon.com.au the instructions for gmail are at as follows and should take 5-10 minutes.

If you follow these instructions you will be able to email from a Google Email App Android/IOS(Gmail or Inbox) or from the [www.gmail.com] website. The new email appears as an option in the "from:" dropdown near the to and subject fields in these apps/webpages.

When doing so please CC the address you are sending from (eg to: John from: position-20 cc: position-20) so other people that have receive that email from John know it has been replied to.

1. Check if "2-Step Verification" is on/enabled at https://myaccount.google.com/security?pli=1#signin
  • If "2-Step Verification" is "Off":
  • If "2-Step Verification" is "On":
2. Add "send mail as":
  • Go to "settings -> settings -> accounts and import" or https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#settings/accounts
  • Click "Add another email address you own"
  • Enter the "from" email in "Email address:" (position-20xx@swancon.com.au) and click next step
  • Set "SMTP Server:" to smtp.gmail.com
  • Set "Username:" to your email address (you@gmail.com)
  • Set "Password:" to the one determined by the next 2 points
    • If "2-Step Verification" was off: use your gmail (you@gmail.com) password.
    • If "2-Step Verification" was on: use the "Copy password for later use" now.
  • Click Add Account
3. Go to inbox and open email subject "Gmail Confirmation - Send Mail as position-20xx@swancon.com.au"
  • Click the approve link in the email.
4. When you send emails you should now be able to choose send from "position-20xx@swancon.com.au"
5. If you like you can create signatures for the new addresses under

Guide by Brian Johnson

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