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This article describes the Swancon website.


A new Swancon website is setup each year by the committee of the convention.

Setting up web hosting

Notes are very rough, but hopefully provide enough info for [a moderately technical user] to pick it up as required.
  • Log into Hostgator CPanel: http://www.swancon.com.au/cpanel/
  • From CPanel, select Subdomains under "Domains"
    • Create yyyy .swancon.com.au subdomain (eg. 2010.swancon.com.au) to /public_html/yyyy
    • Create yyyy .swancon.com
    • Set up re-direct for yyyy.swancon.com -> http://yyyy.swancon.com.au/
  • From CPanel, select FTP Accounts under "Files"
    • Create yyyy @swancon.com.au user with password pointing to /public_html/yyyy
  • From Cpanel, select Forwarders under "Mail"
    • Set up any email forwards the committee needs. Standard ones are:
      • convener-yyyy
      • committee-yyyy
      • secretary-yyyy
      • treasurer-yyyy
      • memberships-yyyy
      • [etc.]
    • Provide yyyy commmittee with details:
      • URL: yyyy.swancon.com.au (and yyyy.swancon.com)
      • FTP Server: ftp.swancon.com.au
      • Username: yyyy@swancon.com.au
      • Password: [Whatever you created]

When site goes live (ie previous con is over and new site is ready):

  • From Cpanel, select Redirects, under "Domains"
  • Delete existing redirect for ALL
  • Set up new Temporary (302) redirect for All to http://yyyy.swancon.com.au/
    (Make sure you have the option to redirect with or without www selected.)
  • Test that www.swancon.com.au, www.swancon.com, swancon.com.au and swancon.com all redirect to yyyy.swancon.com.au
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