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There is a CSC's Finance subcommittee (which usually consists of previous and future Swancon treasurers and the WASFF treasurer) that is available to help with most of these things; in particular with budget planning and with learning WASFF processes.

Typically the first year (starting two years before the convention you will be running) involves mostly budget planning. There may be some small expenditures for your convention's launch. Once your convention is launched, your convention takes over the registration desk and starts selling launch memberships. From launch onwards, the treasurer's role becomes less strategic and more tactical, though budget amendments are expected through the year to meet changing needs.


Satisfaction that the books have been done to a satisfactory standard.


To run the convention at a small surplus, this depends on the state of WASFF and the convention may be directed to run a more conservative or risky budget dependant upon the a number of factors.



What resources exist to help with this. Ticketbooth, Dropbox/GoogleDrive, Website, Twitter.

  • Swancon Email address:
  • Suncorp banking login
  • ChequeBook
  • Paypal
  • Ticketbooth
  • RedBubble
  • Working out the money (Should be folded into this article)


A Budget and all supporting documentation.

Task List

  • August (Con -20 months): Initial budget draft ready for review and revision by CSC
  • December (Con -15 months): Reporting to book keeper
    • This is only applicable if you have transactions
    • Is it advisable to avoid spending until after this date
  • Febuary (Con -13 months): Finalised Budget (Receive seed)
  • Easter (Con -12 months):
    • Co-ordinate Finances FrontDesk?
    • Reconsile books
  • April (Con -11 months):
    • Supply Revised Budget
    • Report to CSC
  • August (Con -7 months): Report to CSC
  • December (Con -3 months):
    • Report to CSC
    • Reporting to book keeper
  • Easter (Convention):
    • Co-ordinate Finances FrontDesk?
    • Reconsile books
  • April (Con 1 month):
    • Reconsile books
    • Report to CSC

  • Plan the convention's budget
  • Ensure that expenditures are tracked to WASFF standards
  • Ensure that bills get paid (writing cheques and/or transferring money as necessary)
  • Tracking membership sales so that we can know if we're going off-budget
  • presenting a financial statement to CSC and WASFF board once every three months
  • tracking money at the convention (including money for art show and auction)
  • watching expenditure to ensure that the budget is (largely) complied with

  • Prepare an initial budget
  • Get Approve By WASFF
  • Add Signatories to account
  • Receive seed
  • Daily/Weekly
  • Setup float for Movie screenings
  • Hotel deposit and thereafter scheduled payments
  • Cash Handling training for Volunteers

Regular Tasks (Daily-Weekly depending)

  • Say NO! to people
  • Update the CashBook
  • Checking budget blowouts in any expenditures
  • Deposit Swancon Movie Screenings income


How to do the tasks

Conclusion and Notes

  • Treasury is not difficult but it is an ongoing task to keep it in good shape, as treasure if you live by "Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today" you will have no problems.


Previous treasurers/bodies you can contact for help are:

WASFF-CSC (this is one of their major functions)

Brian Johnson




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