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This article includes the minutes of the NatCon Business Meeting conducted at Swancon in Perth in 2008.

These minutes should be considered unofficial, as they are not the version approved by the 2009 NatCon Business Meeting.


Natcon business meeting minutes 2008

Chair: David Cake
Secretary: Julian Warner

Meeting Opened 10:11 am

1. The Meeting opened at 10:11.
David Cake as chair.

2.    That the minutes of the 2007 Natcon be confirmed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

Moved Damien Warman and second Kevin McCaw
Motion was carried

3. Business Arising from the minutes

The Standing Committee was asked by the last meeting to establish rules for the Ditmars.  Due to a problem with the minutes, 
the Chair was not made aware of the members of the Committee until one month before the Con and therefore was not able to 
move this action forward as requested. The Standing Committee did not do create new rules governing the Ditmars.

3.    Site Selection for 2010 NatCon

No bids received prior to the meeting.
There was discussion that the WorldCon bid might include the NatCon within the WorldCon.  However no Members of the Worldcon 
2010 bid are present to discuss this. The 2010 Swancon has stated that if no other state would host the NatCon in 2010 then 
they would propose a bid.

Two alternatives are discussed:
Run the Natcon separately
Request that we can run the NatCon in colocation with the WorldCon bid should we be successful.

The WorldCon Bid Committee confirmed that they would be happy for the NatCon to be colocated with the WorldCon but that they 
do not have the time to take it on.  If someone else would run it they would make space for it.

The minimum NatCon events need to be the Awards, and the Business Meeting

Dudcon 3

Convenor: Paul Ewins
Committee: David Cake, Anna Hepworth, Zara Baxter, Damien Warman, Kevin McCaw all volunteered

Contingent on the WorldCon bid being successful. Should the WorldCon bid be unsuccessful the Swancon 2010 committee are happy 
to take the NatCon on - make the decision at the 2009 NatCon Business Meeting because there may be other bids. Competing bids
conversation in terms of lead time because the decision of NatCon 2009 will be in June 2009.

Stephen Dedman moved the motion that the Dudcon 3 Natcon bid be accepted
Ju Landéesse second

Motion was carried.

The meeting thanked Swancon 2010 for making the offer.

5.    Election of Standing Committee

Three NatCon's have the ability to chose a representative:

SwanCon 2008: David Cake
Conjecture in 2009: Damien Warman
DudCon in 2010: Paul Ewins

Elect up to 6 representatives:

Zara Baxter
Ju Landéesse
Jeremy Byrne
Nicole Murphy
Anna Hepworth

Moved that the 5 nominees be accepted David Cake seconded Stephen Dedman

Committee has the capacity to coopt another member if needed.

6.    General Business

The Standing Committee was slapped on the wrist for not attending to the delegated business of creating a new set of 
Ditmar rules.

Motion that the Best Fan Production and Best Fanzine awards be abolished and be replaced by a Best Fan Publication 
in Any Medium. Section 2.2 of the Ditmar rules be amended to delete the above two categories and be replaced as per 
above. 3.11 be kept, however replace 'Fanzine' with 'Publication', delete 3.10.
Moved Stephen Dedman, Seconded Kevin McCaw
Motion carried.

Motion: that the word 'Professional' (both mentions of the word) be removed from the definition of Best New Talent.
Moved Stephen Dedman, seconded Damien Warman.

Amendment to the Motion:  that only the first occurrence of the word 'Professional' be removed, Moved Paul O, seconded 
Zara Baxter.
Amendment defeated.

Amendment Moved that the first use of the word Professional be removed from 3.14 Best New Talent and that the second use 
of the word professional be replaced by 'a recognised award'. 'Recognised awards include but are not limited to: Australian SF ("Ditmar") Awards, WA SF Achievement Awards (Tin Ducks), Aurealis Awards, Hugo Awards and Nebula Awards.'
Moved Damien Warman, seconded Anna Hepworth
Amendment carried.

Final motion
that the first use of the word 'Professional' be removed from 3.14 Best New Talent, and the second use of the word 
Professional be replaced by: "a recognised award. 'Recognised awards include but are not limited to; Ditmars 
(Australian SF Achievement Awards), WA SF Achievement Awards (Tin Ducks), Aurealis, Hugo and Nebula Awards."
Motion Carried

that in the definition of 'collected work' that the phrase 'or is sponsored be an institution other than a fan club' 
be deleted.
Moved Stephen Dedman seonded Sue Ann Barber
Motion Carried

that in clause 2.3 the Best Professional Achievement and Best Fan Achievement Categories be deleted and be replaced 
by Best Achievement.
Moved Ju Landéesse Seconded Robert Hoge
Motion Carried

That the Standing Committee present an wording for the eligibility  for the Best Achievement category and present
this at the 2009 NatCon Business meeting for discussion
Moved Anna Hepworth seconded Damien Warman
Motion Carried

Replace section 3.3 - Eligibility of committee members: The awards will be administered by a sub-committee of the 
Standing Committee of the Business Meeting of the National Australian Science Fiction Convention, and the members 
of the sub-committee will not be eligible for an award. The Standing Committee shall rule on issues of conflict 
of interest.
Moved David Cake seconded Darmien Warman

Eligibility issues were discussed, specifically that  this motion which substantially changes the Standing Committees 
ToR and responsibilities, and that this change would ideally have been known before the Standing Committee was elected.
And therefore that if this motion is carried there may be some people may have wished to be involved have now no way 
to be involved - and would have perhaps nominated based on this motion.

As the sub-committee has not been determined external persons who wish to join may be coopted to the sub-committee.

Motion was carried.

2009 NatCon Report was presented by Damien Warman

Held 5-8 June in Adelaide - venue still under negotiation, guests to be determined.

2008 SwanCon report was presented.

Good attendance, National attendance, presented Ditmars last night.

2008 Ditmars

Ditmars ran with short lead time.  Information from previous Ditmars was not readily available and this made the 
process difficult.

David summarised the Administrators report from 2007.

continues 2008...
68 nominations received, 58 votes received.

Thanks to Rohan Wallace for counting and teaching preferential voting system.

Much correspondence about eligibility etc. of awards was entered into prior to the awards which was productive and 
has resulted in the proposed changes in this meeting. Ju Landéesse has offered next NatCon Committee a 'hand-over' 
to assist them in ensuring they have information needed.

Rohan: Ballot papers format makes it difficult to count.

Recommend: Sub-Committee format the Ballot Papers to ensure counting is easier.

Meeting closed at: 12:02