2020 Natcon BM agenda

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This article details the Agenda for the Business Meeting of the 59th Australian National Science Fiction Convention (the Natcon in 2020) to take place virtually via Discord, hosted on the Swancon 2020 Discord server https://discord.gg/mRBVacu, at 12:30pm AWST (Perth Time), Saturday, 17th October 2020.

First time Discord users: please connect from 12pm Perth time (3pm Eastern States time) to allow enough setup time.


1. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting.

2. Business Arising from the Previous Meeting.

3. Natcon Standing Committee Report

4. Ditmar Subcommittee report

5. Site Selections

a. Site Selection for the 2021 National Convention
b. Site Selection for the 2022 National Convention

6. Convention Reports

a. 2019 – Continuum 15
b. 2020 - Swancon 2020
c. 2021 - TBA

7. Selection of the Standing Committee

8. Motions on Notice


9. General Business

Additional information

  • All positions on the Standing Committee of the Natcon Business Meeting will be up for re-election by the meeting.
  • Representatives of bids for the 2021 and 2022 Australian National Science Fiction Conventions should be prepared to address the meeting.


Due to the pandemic, the meeting will be held via the Swancon Discord server. To join, follow this link: https://discord.gg/mRBVacu. Note that if you have not successfully used voice on the Swancon Discord server before, the conservative assumption would be that it will not work first time. Please connect early to ensure that your user can be setup for access to the AGM channels. We recommend using a Discord app (on a smartphone, tablet or PC) rather than Discord's web interface. To join the set of AGM channels (both AGM Official and AGM Discussion) you will need to have push-to-talk configured in Discord. See for example https://appuals.com/enable-configure-push-talk-discord/ for a guide to configuring this. Participants can ask to speak via the text chat.