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The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet is a monthly e-zine and webzine which contains information about science fiction, fantasy and related matters (including astronomy and space science) in Australia. It was started in 1994 by Marc Ortlieb of Melbourne, who published it bimonthly until September 2001 - a total of 177 issues. Following that it lapsed for six months and was re-started in April 2002 by Edwina Harvey of Sydney who published it as an e-zine with snail mail option, and Edwin Scribner of Sydney (now in the Blue Mountains) who formatted it as a webzine. Issue numbers were re-started at 1 and publication was monthly. The May 2009 issue was # 86. It has received three Ditmar awards in the category of "fanzine" (now amalgamated with other fan publications), in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

The Bullsheet's website is (which site was generously provided for the editors by the WASFF) and the distribution of the email version is managed with a Yahoo mail list: . Intending subscribers to the email Bullsheet should visit this Yahoo site and follow directions. Email subs are free; snail mail subs can be arranged for the price of the stamps. See any web Bullsheet for details.