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CSC/WASFF Structure

CSC structured in a way that the convenor largely spends the first year learning/following/helping, the second year running a con, and 3rd year teaching/leading/helping.

There are a few things that require CSC and board approval.

  • Budget is drafted in discussed with CSC and finally approved (usually rubber stamped) by board.
  • Venue contracts are negotiated by CSC with ConCom input and finally approved by the board.

Modifications to either of these need CSC approval, if they are not authorized to do so they recommend it to the board for approval.


Swancon/WASFF have a standard toolkit used every year because:

  • It makes tasks repeatable with less/little effort
  • CSC/WASFF has access for historical, reporting, succession purposes. This means you have less reports to generate, write, create and report to CSC as the information is already available.

If you plan not to use these tools you MUST discuss with CSC 3 months in advance, advising why they don't suit your needs and what you plan to use instead. EG Dont plan to do your program and program book in excel with no plan on how to deliver it online.

Tools Used:

There is a mostly full list of Accounts swancon has in this wiki.


Swancon emails are handled by a Microsoft service called Office365, this provides us mailboxes to mail from and receive to, this is great for capturing historical and institutional information with minimum effort.

Use of these mailboxes also means that should you become unavailable for any reason, illness, emergency, bus, someone else can more easily pickup your tasks or assist you with them with little to no handover.

It is now required that people use a Swancon mailbox for Swancon correspondence with 3rd parties as much as possible, this mainly affects core committee or people associated with a <task> email address.

How to use/access the emails:

  • Please setup access to your Swancon mailbox in one of the below ways using the username and password at the bottom of this email.
    • Iphone or Android: Office365 Mobile Setup
    • Outlook: Outlook Email Setup
    • Webmail:
  • You should be able to easily send and receive from the given email address so replies are also captured.
    • DO NOT DELETE EMAILS, just move them to a folder
    • If you cant access the emails, ask for help
    • If you really cant send from the email at a minimum CC the email


There are bylaws covering this but they are long and painful, the short version is.

Cash never leaves the cash tin, there are 2 exceptions.

  • Change for a purchase
  • Treasurers doing end of day, done in pairs by concom execs or wasff board members.

Any money spend, be that by an individual expecting reimbursement or a payment by Swancon/Wasff MUST have a budget line item and receipts.

The reimbursement/payment must fit within the description of that line item and CANNOT exceed it.

The budget cant be "shuffled", if "x" and "y" both have a budget of $100 you cant spend $150 on "x", $50 on "y", and expect $200 reimbursement. This would result in a $150 reimbursement unless approval is sought.

Alterations to your budget require approval of at least the CSC, payment approval cannot guaranteed if it is not sought and gained prior.

Payments and reimbursements cannot and should not be processed otherwise as this potentially ending with someone out of pocket.