Con 9 From Outer Space

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Con 9 From Outer Space

Dates: 14-15 July 2012

Convention team

Chair: Darren "Dags" Maxwell

Video Programmer: Russell Devlin

Treasurer: Lynne Barnes

Panel Programmer: Geoff "Geoffro" Tilley

Film Festival Programmer: Graham "Garfield" Barnard

Displays and Volunteers: Chris "Uncle Darth" Brennan

Memberships and Con Book: Claire McDonald-Sims

Social Media: Emma Beddows

Marketing and Stuff: Peter "MPS" Sims

Gopher: Daniel "Sully" Sullivan


Amora Hotel Riverwalk

649 Bridge Rd

Richmond, Victoria, Australia


Con 9 specials

Ralph Baker

Stephen Amis

External Links

Con 9 From Outer Space website