Continuum 2

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Continuum 2: Gods of myth and silicon

Dates: Friday 11 June to Monday 14 June 2004


Chair: Danny Oz

Treasurer: Ian Mond

Program: Sue Ann Barber

Membership: Kirstyn McDermott

Publicity/website/day manager: Sarah Marland

Guest Liaison: Alison Barton

Assistant Chair: Sharon Moseley

Video Program: Kelvin Welbourn

Publications/sponsorship: Andrew Macrae

T-shirts/artwork/sandwiches: Mitch

Events: Aaron Jacks

Hucksters/pocket program: Danik Bancilhon

Volunteers: Jon Swabey


Hotel Y, Melbourne


Eddie Campbell

Trudi Canavan

Max Barry

Fan Guest: Derek Screen

Invited Guests: Morgan Evans, Stephan Schutze, Dillon Naylor, Graeme Farmer, Chris Roache

GUFF Delegate: Pat McMurray