Continuum 4

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Continuum 4: Retrorama - The Future Was Then

Dates: 4-6 August 2006


Co-Chairs: Ian Mond & Mitch

Treasurer: Aaron Jacks

Membership: Ori Shifrin

Programming: Jamie Reuel

Publicity: Rachel Holkner

Publications: Fran La Fontaine & Ric Gogerly

Advertising, Sponsorship & Dealers Room: Palila Opit

Hotel Liaison: Mitch

Guest Liaison: Paul Poulton

Volunteer Liaison: Carl Schaller

Convention Liaison: Sharon Moseley

Publishers Liaison: Danny Oz

Special Events: Emma 'Hespa' Mann

Website Design: Kirstyn McDermott

Committee Secretary: Christine Forbes

General Committee: David Crisp & Danik Bancilhon & Gemma Hillis


The Victoria Hotel



Fan Guest: Bruce Gillespie

Special Guests: Charles Stross, Margo Lanagan, Shaun Tan