Continuum 8

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Continuum 8: Craftonomicon

Dates: June 8-11 2012


Chair: Emilly McLeay

Deputy Chair & Head of Programming: Julia Svaganovic

Treasurer: Rachel Holkner

Membership: Fran La Fontaine

Dealers Liaison: Meredith White

Guest Liaison: Mitch

Maskobalo Design: Michael Wauchope

Competition: Lizbt Action

Publications: Briony Davis

General Committee: Emma Wearmouth, Caitlin Noble

Publications Subcommittee

Briony Davis

Emilly McLeay

Liz Barr

Danielle Madeley

Programming Subcommittee

Julia Svaganovic

Emma Hespa Mann

Caitlin Noble

Chronos Awards Subcommittee

John Samuel

Danny Oz

Emilly McLeay


The Rydges on Swanston, Melbourne

Guests of Honour

Sue Ann Barber

Alison Goodman

Kelly Link