Convention Steering Committee

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The Convention Steering Committee or CSC is intended to be a knowledge repository and to provide guidance to Swancon committees.

The CSC comprises 3 members of the WASFF board and the convenors of the past, present and next Swancons. It may also contain other interested members of the community as non-voting members.

It meets about 8 to 10 times per year.

The CSC is a subcommittee of WASFF, and the Swancon committees are technically subcommittees of the CSC. The CSC has several other subcommittees, including treasury/finance, marketing, programming, venue and professional relations. Each subcommittee nominally contains the relevant person from the past, present and future Swancon committees; e.g. the treasury/finance committee nominally contains the past, present and future Swancon treasurers. These subcommittees may contain other interested parties; for example, the treasury/finance committee also contains the WASFF treasurer.