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This article lists SF, F & H-related conventions in Australia.

Australian Conventions

National Convention

Other Travelling Conventions

  • All Hell Breaks Loose
  • AMC Expo (formerly Armageddon Expo)
  • Animania Festival
  • Buffy Down Under (discontinued)
  • Nullus Anxietas
  • Oz Comic-Con
  • OzTrek
  • PonyCon AU
  • Supanova
  • UnderCONstruction (discontinued)
  • Unicon (discontinued)
  • Who Con

WA Conventions

Western Australia has an active conventions scene, with up to half a dozen convention style events annually. The WASFF has been active in sponsoring and coordinating several of these, including Swancon, SlashCon, Gynaecon, Borderlands, Wastelands, Fandomedia, Night's Edge, and Villaincon. For some years in the early to mid noughties, Genghiscon received WASFF funding and support.

Annual and Occasional

Not strictly an SF or fan convention, Femmeconne nevertheless has a strong crossover audience.

Short Series and One-offs

A mini-convention is regularly held around November, but has a changing con committee and name:

  • Borderlands
  • Wastelands
  • Fandomedia
  • Night's Edge
  • VillainCon

SA Conventions

Annual and Occasional

  • Advention
  • AVCon


There has been a series of small conventions run by, or on behalf of, the Adelaide-based book discussion group Critical Mass. These have included ConVex, Addercon, Masscon, Octacon and Wellscon.

  • Omegacon
  • Conpanion
  • The Contract
  • ConVex
  • Addercon
  • Masscon
  • Octacon
  • Unseen University Convivium
  • Wellscon

QLD Conventions

Annual and Occasional

  • Conquest
  • GenreCon (with other genres also)

NSW Conventions

Annual and Occasional

Short Series and One-Offs

  • Albury Conference
  • Medtrek
  • Phancon
  • SteamFest Australia

ACT Conventions

Annual and Occasional

Short Series and One-Offs

  • Canberra Science Fiction Conference
  • Circulation
  • Interact
  • Canberra Science Fiction Convention (CSF Con)

VIC Conventions

Annual and Occasional

  • Continuum
  • MANIFEST (Melbourne Amime Festival)
  • Melbourne All-Club Minicon
  • Oz Horror Con
  • ConFurgence (previously MiDFur)

Short Series and One-offs

  • BYO-Con
  • Cinecon
  • Con 9 From Outer Space
  • Con 70
  • Cupcon
  • Kinkon
  • Melbourne Zombie Convention
  • MiDFur
  • Multiverse
  • Smoffcon

TAS Conventions

Annual and Occasional

  • Thylacon
  • Anime Island Convention (Ai-Con)

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