Marketing Coordinator

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The marketing coordinator is expected to liaise with the CSC's marketing subcommittee, with the objective of promoting Swancon and its subsidiary events (movie screenings, quiz night, etc.) in a way that will be cost-effective and will help us learn what is and is not cost-effective.

(The CSC's marketing subcommittee typically consists of a CSC rep and marketing coordinators for past and future Swancons.)

This will involve liaising with your convention's Publication Coordinator to

  • create flyers, bookmarks, posters, etc.;
  • post on the Swancon email list and facebook page, etc.;
  • buy advertising in suitable media (Google Adwords, facebook promoted posts, any publications that seem like they might pay off, etc.)

There is a logo and style guide to follow for marketing materials.

As time goes on, we are planning to create more unified marketing for Swancon.