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2018 Ditmar eligibility list

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Best Short Story
* "Journey to the Depths", Gerry Huntman, in ''Anemone Enemy'', Oscillate Wildly Press.
* "Joy", Anna Tambour and Simon Brown, in ''Review of Australian Fiction'' vol 22, issue 2.
* "Just One More", Carina Merritt, in ''CEA Greatest Anthology Written'', Celenic Earth Publications.
* "Knock Knock", Rebecca Fraser, in ''Trickster's Treats'' 1.
* "Lake Absence", Donna Maree Hanson, in ''Beneath the Floating City and other Science Fiction stories'', Aust Spec Fiction.
* "The Miller's Daughter", E.H. Mann, in ''Continuum 13'' (conbook)
* "The Mirror Witch and the Wormwood Miranda", David Versace, in ''David Versace: Storytelling and lexifabricography''.
* "The Missing Half", Carina Merritt, in ''Like a Woman Anthology''.
* "The Missing Years", Lyn Battersby, in ''Andromeda Spaceways Magazine'' 66.
* "The Most Powerful Man On Earth Is An Alien", David Scholes, in ''AntipodeanSF'' 225.

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