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2018 Ditmar eligibility list

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Best Short Story
* "A Reluctant Zombie", Natalie J. E. Potts, in ''AntipodeanSF'' 230.
* "A Shrinking Star Map", Greg Peake, in ''Futurevision'', 1231 Publishing
* "A Trick of the Light", Jay Caselberg , in ''The Literary Hatchett'', Pear Tree Press.
* "A Thousand Million Small Things", Eleanor Whitworth, in ''SQ Mag'' 31.
* "A Window on Wonder", Susan Ruth, in ''Return'', Computing Advantages & Training.
* "The Rescue", Robert Stephenson, in ''Dimension6'' 11.
* "The Rhyme of Grievance", T.R. Napper, in ''Interzone'' 268.
* "The Ride" , Jay Caselberg, in ''Horror Library Volume 6'' , Cutting Block Press.
* "The Right Side of History", Jane Rawson, in ''Ecopunk!'', Ticonderoga Publications.
* "The Safety Net", Kenneth J. Johnson, in ''Futurevision'', 1231 Publishing.

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