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2018 Ditmar eligibility list

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Best Novel
* ''First Blood'' (Awakening Series 3), Jane Hinchey.
* ''First Witch'' (Awakening Series 2), Jane Hinchey.
* ''Fractured Refuge'' (The Refuge Trilogy 2), Anabelle McInnes, Escape Publishing.
* ''Freaks and Greeks'', Timothy Bowden, Tar & Feather Publishing.
* ''Freeman's Choice'', C.M. Simpson, C.M. Simpson Publishing.
* ''To Kill an Emperor'' (The Turning Points Series 3), Jodie Lane, Jodie Lane.
* ''Towards White'', Zena Shapter, IFWG Publishing Australia.
* ''True Refuge'' (The Refuge Trilogy 1), Anabelle McInnes, Escape Publishing.
* ''Unearthed'', Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner, Allen & Unwin.
* ''Ungiven Land'' (Silverlands 3), Donna Maree Hanson, Aust Spec Fiction.

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