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2019 Ditmar eligibility list

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Best Novel
* ''Bride of the Dark'', Heidi Wessman Kneale.
* ''City of Lies'' (Poison Wars 1), Sam Hawke, Tom Doherty Associates.
* ''Clearing the Web'' (Warriors of Vhast 3), Cary J Lenehan, IFWG Publishing Australia (Melbourne).
* ''Columbine's Tale'' (Tales of Tarya 2), Rachel Nightingale, Odyssey Books.
* ''Contrition'', Deborah Sheldon, IFWG Publishing Australia (Melbourne).
* ''The White Room'', Mirren Hogan, Burning Willow Press.
* ''The Witch Who Courted Death'', Maria Lewis, Little, Brown Book Group.
* ''The Years of the Wolf'', Craig Cormick, IFWG Publishing Australia (Melbourne).
* ''This Present Past'', Traci Harding, HarperCollins.
* ''Tide of Stone''. Kaaron Warren, Omnium Gatherum.

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