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2018 Ditmar eligibility list

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Best Short Story
* "Monsters Exist", Ian McHugh, in ''PseudoPod'' 546.
* "Mr Mycelium", Claire McKenna, in ''Ecopunk!'', Ticonderoga Publications.
* "My Name is John Carter (Part 4)", James Hutchings, in ''Cirsova'' 5.
* "My Name is John Carter (Part 5)", James Hutchings, in ''Cirsova'' 6.
* "My Name is John Carter (Part 6)", James Hutchings, in ''Cirsova'' 7.
* "My Post-Truth World", Christine Tondorf, in ''Scarlet Stiletto: The Ninth Cut'', Clan Destine Press.
* "Nadya the Haemelite", R.A. Purtill, in ''Like A Woman anthology''.

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