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2022 Ditmar eligibility list

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Best Short Story
* "An Example Australian Short Story", Writer(s) [state], in ''Containing Publication'', Publisher (Location). ([ Example link to more information])
* "333Years", Susan Cornford [WA], in ''Antipodean SF'' 270.
* "An Unfortunate Series of Coincidences", Tony Owens [QLD], in ''Antipodean SF'' 268.
* "Another Day on the Frontline", Kevin J. Phyland, in ''Antipodean SF'' 268.
* "Emergency", Bruce McNair, in ''Antipodean SF'' 269.
* "Golf for Beginners", Joanna Galbraith [N/A], in ''Antipodean SF'' 270.
* "On Demand", Kevin J. Phyland, in ''Antipodean SF'' 269.
* "Space Train", Laurie Bell [VIC], in ''Antipodean SF'' 269.

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