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Ditmar rules

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6.0 Voting: Rules changes from the 2021 Business Meeting - 7 Ditmars Discussion and Motions (pre-adjournment)
==6.0 Voting==
:6.1 Preferential Voting: Voting in each category shall take place according to a preferential system.
:6.2 Eligibility: Votes will be accepted only from full members or supporting members or memberships greater than or equal in value to the supporting membership of the convention, or those eligible to vote as members of the previous year's national convention. Any individual is only eligible to vote once. In the event that a NatCon is cancelled, a member will retain eligibility to vote even if their membership is refunded due to the convention cancellation.
:6.3 Tied Winners: In the event of a tie for winner in any category, all tied works will be deemed to have won the award.
:6.4 Timing: Voting shall be open for a minimum of 30 days. Voting periods may differ for postal ballots and other ballots. Postal ballots shall be counted as valid based on postmark or receipt, whichever is earlier, if received before the deadline for other ballots or the deadline for final receipt set by the committee.
:6.5 Votes for nominees not listed on the official ballot will be invalid and no additions or alterations to the nominees will be recognised.
:6.6 Cancellation: In the event that the current NatCon is cancelled, voting eligibility will extend to all those who have been members of NatCons in the previous five calendar years.
==7.0 Physical Awards==
approved, natconcom

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