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Swancon Programming

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Acquiring program items
==Acquiring program items==
It's common to have several open programming meetings, at a convenient spot such as the Moon Cafe, where interested parties can propose suggestions for the program. Additionally, you can solicit suggestions via the Swancon list. You may also wish to buttonhole individuals who are known to be good value on program items, and ask them what they'd like to be on.
Go online and find the websites for other SF conventions around the world. Read their programme schedules, and see if there is anything presented at those events that sound promising. Sometimes seeing what other conventions are doing can stimulate thoughts about what you can do at yours.
Get a hold of previous Swancon programmes and see what's been presented in previous years. If it's the fifth year in a row for "Introduction to Anime", it's possibly a good idea to give the panel a miss.

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