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Tin Duck Award

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'''Professional Long Work'''
''Blade of Fortriu'', Juliet Marillier
''The Truth About Magic'', Dave T Luckett
'''Professional Short Work'''
"Bad Film Diaries", Grant Watson, ''Borderlands 4''
"Coup De Grace", Stephen Dedman, ''Borderlands 4''
"Hear No Evil", Shane Jiraiya Cummings, ''Borderlands 4''
"Hooked", Martin Livings, ''Borderlands 5''
"How Green was their Love", Tess Williams, ''Borderlands 4''
"Hush", Lyn Battersby, ''Shadowbox''
"I Can Make You Famous", Lee Battersby, ''Shadowbox''
"Ian", Shane Jiraiya Cummings, ''Ticonderoga Online 5''
"Pater Familias", Lee Battersby, ''Shadowed Realms 3''
"Solid Rock", Cathy Cupitt, ''Borderlands 4''
"The Memory of Breathing", Lyn Battersby, ''ASIM #17''
"The Seasonal Collector", Jo-Ann Whalley, ''Borderlands 4''
"Watch", Stephen Dedman, ''Never Seen By Waking Eyes''
'''Professional ArtWork'''
"Coup De Grace", illustration, Colin Sharpe, ''Borderlands 4''
Cover, Sarah Xu, ''Borderlands 4''
''Horror series'', Ruby Cadaver, Swancon 2005 art show
''Make your own pet'', print, Shaun Tan, Swancon 2005 art show
''The Big Picture Book'', Brian Choo
'''Professional Production (any medium)'''
''Borderlands Issue 4'', Borderlands Publications Inc.
''Borderlands Issue 5'', Borderlands Publications Inc.
''Shadow Box'', e-anthology, edited by Shane Jiraiya Cummings & Angela Challis
''Shadowed Realms'', edited by Angela Challis
''Ticonderoga Online'', edited by Russell B Farr, Liz Grzyb, Lyn Battersby
'''Unpaid or Fan Written work'''
''Blue'' (text), Bec Handcock
''Chaosmanor'', Elaine Kemp
'''Unpaid or Fan Art Work'''
''Blue'', Bec Handcock, Swancon 2005 art show
CD sculpture, Stephanie Bateman-Graham, Swancon 2005 art show
''Changing Skins'' series, Sarah Xu, Swancon 2005 art show
Dragon quilting, Calum Watson, Swancon 2005 art show
Gynaecon T-shirts, Sarah Xu
''Nothing Better: A short presentation on why I have to leave'', Bec
Handcock, Swancon 2005 art show
Photograph of Carreg Cellen, Elaine Kemp, Swancon 2005 art show
''Reflective Moods'', Sarah Xu, Swancon 2005 art show
''Stamp artworks'', Emma Hawkes, Swancon 2005 art show
''The view from Glastonbury Tor'', Elaine Kemp, Swancon 2005 art show
'''Unpaid or Fan Production (any medium)'''
"A Brief History of Friendship" by Cathy Cupitt (
''Consensual A Trois'', edited by Dedman, Kemp, Cupitt
''Fandomedia 2005'', Ju, the professional lap cat
''GenghisCon 2005'', The GenghisCon committee
''Gynaezine 3'', Emma Hawkes, Gina Goddard
''HorrorScope'', edited by Shane Jiraiya Cummings et. al.
''Swancon 2005'', Swancon XXX committee
''The Simono Restrospective'', Simon Oxwell, Swancon 2005
Best WA Professional Long Written Work
Carnies, Martin Livings (winner)
Through Soft Air, Lee Battersby (runner up)
Best WA Professional Short Work
‘Mary Bennett Gets a Life’, Sue Isle, Borderlands Issue 7 (winner)
‘Dwar7es’, Martin Livings, Ticonderoga Online Issue 9 (runner up)
Best WA Professional Art Work
The Arrival, Shaun Tan (winner)
Illustration for ‘The Garden Shed Pact’, Tina Lorenz, Borderlands Issue 7 (runner up)
Best WA Professional Publication (any medium)
Borderlands, Simon Oxwell et. al. (winner)
Ticonderoga Online, Russell B. Farr, Lyn Battersby and Liz Grzyb (runner up)
Best WA Unpaid or Fan Written Work
‘Bad Film Diaries’, Grant Watson, Borderlands Issues 6 and 8 (winner)
The Recovering Geek – a twelve step process, (flippy book) Rebecca Handcock, Jeanette & Christopher Phillips (runner up)
Best WA Unpaid or Fan Art Work
But is it art?, Emma Hawkes, Swancon 2006 Art Show (winner)
Best WA Unpaid or Fan Production (any media)
ASif! Review Website, Alisa Krasnostein (winner - tie)
Fandomedia 2006, Ju Whitehead (winner- tie)
Best WA Professional Long Work
Hal Spacejock: Just Desserts, by Simon Haynes (Fremantle Press)
Best WA Professional Short Work
“The Sun People,” by Sue Isle (Shiny #2)
Best WA Professional Production
The New Space Opera, edited by Jonathan Strahan & Gardner Dozois (HarperCollins)
Best WA Fan Production
ASiF!, edited by Alisa Krasnostein
Best WA Fan Written Work (tie)
Alisa Krasnostein, Not If You Were The Last Short Story On Earth
Sarah Parker, Blog Like It's The End Of The World
Best WA Professional Artwork
Sarah Xu
Best WA Fan Art (tie)
John Parker
Sarah Xu

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