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Tin Duck Award

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'''Professional Fiction'''
WINNER: Stephen Dedman, "The Facts in Dr Van Helsing's Case", ''ASIM 11''
'''Fan Fiction'''
WINNER: Cathy Cupit, "Falling Stars" (www.livejournal/users/cupidsbow)
WINNER: Gina Goddard, "Loving the Vampire", ''Gynaezine 2''
'''Professional Production'''
WINNER: ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 11''
'''Fan Production'''
WINNER: ''Gynaezine 2''
WINNER: Sarah Xu, "Emotions", ''Gynaezine 2''
Best WA Professional Long Written Work
WINNER: Carnies, Martin Livings (winner)
Through Soft Air, Lee Battersby (runner up)
Best WA Professional Short Work
WINNER: ‘Mary Bennett Gets a Life’, Sue Isle, Borderlands Issue 7 (winner)
‘Dwar7es’, Martin Livings, Ticonderoga Online Issue 9 (runner up)
Best WA Professional Art Work
WINNER: The Arrival, Shaun Tan (winner)
Illustration for ‘The Garden Shed Pact’, Tina Lorenz, Borderlands Issue 7 (runner up)
Best WA Professional Publication (any medium)
WINNER: Borderlands, Simon Oxwell et. al. (winner)
Ticonderoga Online, Russell B. Farr, Lyn Battersby and Liz Grzyb (runner up)
Best WA Unpaid or Fan Written Work
WINNER: ‘Bad Film Diaries’, Grant Watson, Borderlands Issues 6 and 8 (winner)
The Recovering Geek – a twelve step process, (flippy book) Rebecca Handcock, Jeanette & Christopher Phillips (runner up)
Best WA Unpaid or Fan Art Work
WINNER: But is it art?, Emma Hawkes, Swancon 2006 Art Show (winner)
Best WA Unpaid or Fan Production (any media)
WINNER (TIE): ASif! Review Website, Alisa Krasnostein (winner - tie)
WINNER (TIE): Fandomedia 2006, Ju Whitehead (winner- tie)
'''Best WA Professional Long Work'''
WINNER: Hal Spacejock: Just Desserts, by Simon Haynes (Fremantle Press)
'''Best WA Professional Short Work'''
WINNER: “The Sun People,” by Sue Isle (Shiny #2)
'''Best WA Professional Production'''
WINNER: The New Space Opera, edited by Jonathan Strahan & Gardner Dozois (HarperCollins)
'''Best WA Fan Production'''
WINNER: ASiF!, edited by Alisa Krasnostein
'''Best WA Fan Written Work (tie)'''
WINNER (TIE): Alisa Krasnostein, Not If You Were The Last Short Story On Earth
WINNER (TIE): Sarah Parker, Blog Like It's The End Of The World
'''Best WA Professional Artwork'''
WINNER: Sarah Xu
'''Best WA Fan Art (tie)'''
WINNER (TIE): John Parker
WINNER (TIE): Sarah Xu

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