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Tin Duck Award

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WINNER: Stephen Dedman, "The Facts in Dr Van Helsing's Case", ''ASIM 11''
Lee Battersby, "Tales of Nireym", ''Orb 6''
K.A. Bedford, ''Orbital Burn''
Shane Jiraiya Cummings, "Sobek's Tears", ''Aurealis 33 – 35''
Simon Haynes, ''Hal Spacejock: Just Desserts''
Dave Luckett, "By The Sweat of Your Brow", ''Borderlands 3''
Adam Weiland, "A Life in Art", ''Shadowed Realms''
WINNER: Cathy Cupit, "Falling Stars" (www.livejournal/users/cupidsbow)
Lily Chrywenstrom, "The Snow Queen", ''Gynaezine 2''
Liz Grzyb, "Cabbages & Singing Candlesticks", ''Fables & Reflections 6''
WINNER: Gina Goddard, "Loving the Vampire", ''Gynaezine 2''
Michael McAvan, "Men and Wolves: Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time and the New Age Men's Movement", ''Borderlands 3''
Grant Watson, "Bad Film Diaries", ''Borderlands 3''
WINNER: ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 11''
''Borderlands 3 ''
''Shadowed Realms''
WINNER: ''Gynaezine 2''
''Fables & Reflections 6''
''Swancon XXX Launch Video''
WINNER: Sarah Xu, "Emotions", ''Gynaezine 2''
Troy Kealley, ‘The Snow Queen’, ''Gynaezine 2
Colin Sharpe, Illustration for "Unreal City", ''Borderlands 3''
Alicia Smith, ‘Skein Dogs’, ''Fables & Reflections 6''
Alicia Smith, ''Mythmeet'' (Colour Version)
Tiki Swain, Cover Art, ''Gynaezine 2''

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