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Tin Duck Award

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'''Best WA Professional Writer'''
WINNER: Stephen Dedman
'''Best WA Non-Professional Writer'''
WINNER: Shay Telfer
'''Best WA Professional Production in any Medium'''
'''Best WA Non-Professional Production in Any Medium'''
WINNER: ''Borderlands: That Which Scares Us'' (convention), convened by Grant Watson, Simon Oxwell & Anna Hepworth.
'''Best WA Visual Artwork'''
WINNER: Davina Watson, "Muppet Quilt".
'''Best WA Professional Written Work, Non-Fiction'''
WINNER: Cathy Cupitt, "Space Opera's Relationship to Science Fiction".
'''Best WA Non-Professional Written Work, Non-Fiction'''
WINNER: Emma Hawkes, "What Scares Us In Harry Potter Novels: Class".

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