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Ditmar rules

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:3.8 Best Artwork: An artwork is a single work or series of related works of art in any medium other than text.
:3.9 Fan Writer and Fan Artist: These awards are made to writers or artists for a work or body of work first published, released, or made available for public viewing in the eligible calendar year. The writer or artist must have received no payment other than contributor copies and other incidentals (coffee mug, t-shirt, poster, etc.)
:3.10 Fan Publication: This award is for work in any medium first published, released, or made available for public viewing in the eligible calendar year. The writer or artist must have received no payment. Eligible works include, but are not limited to, a periodical, journal, fanzine, ezine or webzine:3.11 Special AwardsBest Achievement: Special awards recognise This award recognises an outstanding achievements in achievement related to science fiction , fantasy, or horror and not eligible in the existing categoriesany other category of these awards.
:3.12 The William Atheling Jr Award: The William Atheling Jr Award is for the writing or editing of a work or related work of criticism or review pertaining to the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.
:3.13 Best New Talent: The Best New Talent award recognises excellence of achievement in any field of the genre by an individual who has not been nominated for a recognised award three or more years before the year the award is held. Recognised awards include but are not limited to: Australian SF ("Ditmar") Awards, WA SF Achievement Awards (Tin Ducks), Aurealis, Hugo and Nebula Awards. An individual is only eligible for two consecutive years.
==5.0 Final Ballot==
:5.1 Number of finalists: The five nominees with the most nominations shall appear on the final ballot. In the event of a tie for fifth place, up to seven finalists may appear on the final ballot. In the event of a four-way tie (or more) for fifth place, only the top four finalists shall appear on the ballot.
:5.2 Minimum nominations for finalists: To appear on the ballot a finalist must attract a minimum of four nominations in the Professional and Best New Talent categories, or two in the Fan and other Special Awards categories (including Professional Special Award Best Achievement and William Atheling Jr Award).:5.3 Minimum finalists for categories: In the event of there being three or fewer finalists in any of the following categories, at the committee’s discretion, eligible finalists in the Novella or Novelette and Short Story categories category, it may be merged with Short Story into a single category called Short Fiction; and eligible finalists in the Fanzine and Fan Production categories may be merged into a single category called Fan Production.
:5.4 Order of finalists: Finalists shall appear in randomised order.
:5.5 No Award: “No Award” shall appear last on the ballot for all categories.
:6.3 Tied Winners: In the event of a tie for winner in any category, all tied works will be deemed to have won the award.
:6.4 Timing: Voting shall be open for a minimum of 30 days. Voting periods may differ for postal ballots and other ballots. Postal ballots shall be counted as valid based on postmark or receipt, whichever is earlier, if received before the deadline for other ballots or the deadline for final receipt set by the committee.
:6.5 Votes for nominees not listed on the official ballot will be invalid and no additions or alterations to the nominees will be recognised.
==7.0 The Physical Nature of the Trophy==
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