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2010 Ditmar eligibility list

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Best Novella or Novelette: adding data from Tehani Wessely
===Best Novella or Novelette===
''3.5 Novella or Novelette: A Novella or Novelette is any work of sf/f/h of 7,500 to 40,000 words.''
* "An Example Novella or Novelette", Australian Writer, in Containing Publication, Publisher (Location), 2009. ([ Example link to more information])
* "HornAfter The World: Gravesend", Peter M. BallJason Fischer, Twelfth Planet Press.Black House Comics* "Blessed Are The Whale's TaleDead That The Rain Falls Upon", Edwina HarveyMartin Livings, Peggy Bright Books (Maroubrain ''New Ceres Nights''* "Daivadana", NSW)Andrew J McKiernan, 2009. [[httpin ''Bad Dreams 2:// More information]]Where Death Stalks''* "The Priestess and the SlaveHeart Of Stone", Jenny BlackfordCat Sparks, Hadley Rille Books (Overland Parkin ''X6''* "Horn", KSPeter M. Ball, USA). [[ More information]]Twelfth Planet Press
* "Inevitable", Sean Williams, in ''The New Space Opera 2'', Eos (New York, USA)
* "Iron Temple", Trent Jamieson, in ''X6''
* "Sea-Hearts", Margo Lanagan, in ''X6''
* "Single Handed", Simon Petrie, in ''Kaleidotrope''
* "Siren Beat", Tansy Rayner Roberts, in ''Roadkill/Siren Beat''
* "The Absent Men", Louise Katz, in ''X6''
* "The Library", Terry Dowling, in ''X6''
* "The Message", Andrew J McKiernan, in ''Midnight Echoes''
* "The Priestess and the Slave", Jenny Blackford, Hadley Rille Books (Overland Park, KS, USA) ([ More information])
* "The Sharp Shooter", Sylvia Kelso, in ''New Ceres Nights''
* "The Whale's Tale", Edwina Harvey, Peggy Bright Books (Maroubra, NSW) ([ More information])
* "The Widow's Seven Candles", Thoraiya Dyer, in ''New Ceres Nights''
* "Ungentle Fire", Sean Williams, in ''The Dragon Book'', Ace (New York, USA)
* "Wives", Paul Haines, in ''X6''
===Best Short Story===
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