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2010 Ditmar eligibility list

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Best Novel: wf; rm novellas
* ''Heart's Blood'', Juliet Marillier, Pan Macmillan
* ''Hocus Pocus Versus Stinky Pong'', Laura Milligan, Puffin Books
* ''Horn'', Peter M. Ball, Twelfth Planet Press
* ''Jatta'', Jenny Hale, Scholastic Australia
* ''Just One Wish'', Sally Rippin, Puffin Books
* ''Laws Of Magic 4: Time Of Trial'', Michael Pryor, Random House Australia
* ''Liar'', Justine Larbalestier, Bloomsbury
* ''Life Through Cellophane'', Gillian Polack, Eneit Press (Culcairn, NSW) [([ More information]])
* ''Locket Of Dreams'', Belinda Murrell, Random House Australia
* ''Magesign'', Alan Baxter, Blade Red Press
* ''Spider Lies'', Jen Banyard, Fremantle Press
* ''State Of Emergency'', Sam Fisher, Random House Australia
* ''Subversive Activity'', Dave Luckett, Vivid Publishing (Fremantle, WA) [([ More information]])
* ''Tensy Farlow And The Home For Mislaid Children'', Jen Storer, Penguin/Viking
* ''The Barbarian Librarian'', Philip Lemon, Vivid Publishing
* ''The Sorcerer's Death Mask'', Dan Jerris, Hachette Australia
* ''The Spell Of Rosette (Quantum Enchantment: Book One)'', Kim Falconer, Harpercollins Publishers Australia
* ''The Whale's Tale'', Edwina Harvey, Peggy Bright Books
* ''The Whisperer'', Fiona McIntosh, Harpercollins Publishers Australia
* ''The Whorl & The Pallin'', Ian Nichols, Tactile Books
* ''Wombat & Fox Thrillseekers'', Terry Denton, Allen & Unwin
* ''Wonders Of A Godless World'', Andrew McGahan, Allen & Unwin
* ''World Shaker'', Richard Harland, Allen & Unwin (Crows Nest, NSW) [([ More information]])
* ''Zeron, The Planet Of Death-Sleep'', Vindal Vandakoff, Booksurge
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