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2010 Ditmar eligibility list

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Best Short Story: adding data from Tehani Wessely
''3.6 Short Story: A Short Story is any work of sf/f/h less than 7,500 words.''
* "A Believer's Guide To Azagarth", R. J. Astruc, ''Third Order''* "A Crazy Kind Of Love", Christopher Green, ''Nossa Morte''* "A Death Worse Than Fate", Jackie Hosking, ''Antipodean SF''* "A Furture For Dispair", Nicholas Sheppard, ''Antipodean SF''* "A Hat Full Of Leaves", R. J. Astruc, ''Aurealis''* "A Hundredth Name", Christopher Green, ''Abyss & Apex''* "A Longing For The Dark", Sean Williams, ''Terra Incognita Speculative Fiction Podcast''* "A Matter Of Choice", Shaun A. Saunders, ''Antipodean SF''* "A Night In Caliet", Mick Dawson, ''Antipodean SF''* "A Night On Pope Lake", James Cain, ''Fantastical Visions IV''* "A Portrait Of My Mum And Dad", Karen Maric, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "A Rose For Becca", Jason Fischer, ''Borderlands''* "A Tour Of The City Of Assassins", Kyla Ward, ''Ticonderoga Online''* "A Troublesome Day For Jacky Midnight", Matthew Farrer, ''New Ceres Nights''* "Accident", Robbie Matthews, ''Johnny Phillips Werewolf Detective''* "Aleph Mem Tav", Miranda Siemienowicz, ''Aurealis''* "An Ancient Malice Rising", Steve Duffy, ''Antipodean SF''* "An Old World Problem", Kain Massin, ''Leaves Of Blood''* "An Unkindness Of Ravens", Stephanie Gunn, ''Grant's Pass'', Morrigan Books* "An Example Short StoryUnwelcome Guest", Garth Nix, ''Troll's Eye View''* "Angel Dust", Ian Mchugh, ''Clockwork Phoenix 2''* "April", David Such, ''Antipodean SF''* "Aqua Vita", Stephanie Campisi, ''Voiceworks''* "Ariadne", Jenny Blackford and Stuart Mayne, ''Aurealis''* "Ascension", Martin Livings, ''Grants Pass''* "Ashes", Shaun A. Saunders, ''Antipodean SF''* "Barney", James Cain, ''Nights Of Blood 2''* "Bedbugs", Martin Livings, ''Voices''* "Benchwarmer", Mike Resnick and Lezli Robyn, ''Twilight Zone; 19 Stories On The 50th Anniversary''* "Best Ever", Houston Dunleavy, ''Antipodean SF''* "Black Water", David Conyers, ''Jupiter''* "Blonde Curls", Nicole R Murphy, ''Masques''* "Blood", David Such, ''Antipodean SF''* "Bodysurfing", Simon Petrie, ''Antipodean SF''* "Burn Me", Gibb Adrian, ''Antipodean SF''* "Burnt", Rick Kennett, ''Aurealis''* "Busking", Jason Fischer, ''Midnight Echo #3''* "Candle To The Devil", Sue Isle, ''New Ceres Nights'', Twelfth Planet Press* "Carousel", Jan Napier, ''Antipodean SF''* "Cemetery", Alan Baxter, ''Horror Bound Magazine''* "Census Day", Shaun A. Saunders, ''Antipodean SF''* "Chasing Jormungand", Shane Jiraiya Cummings, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "Child Of Sin", James Cain, ''Ruthie's Club''* "Circadian Rhythms", Mike F. Cella, ''Antipodean SF''* "Class Of 2054", Julie Turner, ''Aurealis''* "Cliche", Scott Wilson, ''Antipodean SF''* "Clockwork, Patchwork And Ravens", Peter M. Ball, ''Apex Magazine''* "Cockroach Love", Damien Broderick and Paul Di Filippo, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "Coming Up For Air", Deborah Biancotti, ''A Book Of Endings''* "Coppernic's Sky", Ariella Adler, ''Masques''* "Creature Feature", K. T. McRae, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "Crossfire", Alan Baxter, ''The Oddville Press''* "Curing Cancer", Kevin Phyland, ''Antipodean SF''* "Dark Past Midnight", Jan Napier, ''Antipodean SF''* "Death Masque", Joanne Anderton, ''Masques''* "Debutante", Dirk Flinthart, ''New Ceres Nights''* "Defence Of The Realm", Greg Mellor, ''Cosmos''* "Demonstration", Shaun A. Saunders, ''Antipodean SF''* "Dentist, Dogstuffer, Dragon", Alice Mills, ''Chance Encounters''* "Diamond Shell", Deborah Biancotti, ''A Book Of Endings''* "Dirty Paper Wings", Felicity Dowker, ''Borderlands''* "Disney's World", Jay Caselberg, ''Borderlands''* "Downdraft", Simon Petrie, ''Sybil's Garage''* "Dragon Bones", Joanna Anderton, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "Drinking Black Coffee At The Jasper Grey Cafe", Stephanie Campisi, ''Sybil's Garage''* "Duty", Australian WriterRodney J. Smith, in Containing Publication''Antipodean SF''* "Edison & Earth", Publisher Jonathen Gillen, ''Antipodean SF''* "Ephemeral Love", Melanie Rees, ''The Future Fire''* "Escape", Moffatt Jillian, ''Antipodean SF''* "Faceless In Halukan", R. J. Astruc, ''Not One Of Us''* "Fair Trade", Stephen Dedman, ''New Ceres Nights'', Twelfth Planet Press* "Father's Kill", Christopher Green, ''Beneath Ceaseless Skies''* "Feast", L. l. Hannett, ''Antipodean SF''* "Field Of Dreams", Brendan D. Carson, ''Antipodean SF''* "Figment", Matt Tighe, ''Antipodean SF''* "For Want Of A Jesusman", Jason Fischer, ''Aurealis''* "Four Fathers", Mark McAuliffe, ''Antipodean SF''* "Four Parties", R. J. Astruc, ''Masques''* "Frozen", Angela Slatter, ''Doorways Magazine''* "Gentlement Prefer Pengs", Amelia Walker, ''Masques''* "Greenwich Meantime Plus", R. J. Astruc, ''Expanded Horizons''* "Guy Walks Into A Bar", Simon Petrie, ''Antipodean SF''* "Having Faith", Christopher Green, ''Nossa Morte''* "Hidden In Plain Sight", Felicity Dowker, ''Antipodean SF''* "High School Hunt", Mark Farrugia, ''Antipodean SF''* "Hobnails In Heaven", Cat Sheely, ''Masques''* "Houndkin", Jason Fischer, ''Eclecticism''* "Hounds Of Wychwood", Lisa Hayward and Stuart Mayne, ''Aurealis''* "Hush", Deborah Biancotti, ''A Book Of Endings''* "Icarus Rising", Alison Pearce, ''Antipodean SF''* "Idle Roomer", Mike Resnick and Lezli Robyn, ''Clarkesworld''* "Ill Conceived", Felicity Dowker, ''The Black Garden''* "In Development", Mark Tremble, ''Antipodean SF''* "In The Weeds", Paul Mannering, ''Leaves Of Blood''* "Inevitable", Sean Williams, ''The New Space Opera 2''* "Innuendo", Valerie Y. L. Toh, ''Masques'', CSFG* "Interrogation 8", Jamie Richter, ''Antipodean SF''* "Inventory", Jason Fischer, ''Brain Harvest''* "Jack Austin Xeno-Hunter", Jamie Richter, ''Antipodean SF''* "Jesse's Gift", Felicity Dowker, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "Jesse's Gift", Felicity Dowker, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "Johnny So Long At The Fair", Lezli Robyn, ''Jim Baen's Universe''* "Jungle Juice", Felicity Pulman, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "Kandinsky's Mistakes", Darren Goossens, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "Last Chance To See", Tracie Mcbride, ''Jaam''* "Light As Mist, Heavy As Hope", Angela Slatter, ''Needles & Bones''* "Like Us", Tansy Rayner Roberts, ''Shiny''', Twelfth Planet Press* "Losing Tahlia", Jason Crowe, ''Midnight Echo''* "Lost In Space", Mark Farrugia, ''Antipodean SF''* "Marathera's Orgy", Graham Storrs, ''Masques''* "Marked From Birth", Monica Carroll, ''Masques''* "Menage A Trois", Mark Farrugia, ''Antipodean SF''* "Mistaken Identity", Chris Broadribb, ''Antipodean SF''* "Mr Shepherdly's Dogs", Pam Farley, ''Ripples''* "Muleskinner Blues", Brendan Duffy, ''Aurealis''* "My Rough Cut", Christopher Green, ''The Edge Of Propinquity''* "Narthax", Stephanie Gunn, ''In Bad Dreams 2'', Eneit Press* "Neighbourhood Of Dead Monsters", Trent Jamieson, ''Aurealis''* "Never On A Birthday", Patty Jansen, ''Byzarium''* "Night Of Masks And Spears", Donna Maree Hanson, ''Masques''* "On The Destruction Of Copenhagen By The Warmachine Of The Merfolk", Peter M. Ball, ''Strange Horizons''* "On The Lot And In The Air", Lisa Hannett, ''Clarkesworld Magazine''* "Once A Month, On A Sunday", Ian Mchugh, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "Once A Month, On A Sunday...", Ian Mchugh, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "Ours To Tease", Felicity Bloomfield, ''Masques''* "Overworld", Megan Jones, ''Masques''* "Paper Dragons", Sue Isle, ''Shiny'', Twelfth Planet Press* "Passports", Gillian Polack, ''In Bad Dreams II''* "Peice Of Mind", Mark Farrugia, ''Antipodean SF''* "Penthouse", Miranda Siemienowicz, ''Overland''* "Perimeter", Ashley Hibbert, ''Antipodean SF''* "Phantasy Moste Grotesk", Felicity Dowker, ''Phantasy Moste Grotesk'' (LocationLimited Edition Numbered Chapbook)* "Podcast", Simon Petrie, ''Hope Fanzine''* "Postcard From Castle Khazi", Jan Napier, ''Antipodean SF''* "Priate Music", Alan Richard, ''Antipodean SF''* "Problems Of Light And Dark", Deborah Biancotti, ''A Book Of Endings''* "Prosperine When It Sizzles", Tansy Rayner Roberts, ''New Ceres Nights'', Twelfth Planet Press* "Punctuality", Garth Nix, ''The New Space Opera 2''* "Recruitment", Felicity Dowker, ''Malpractice: An Anthology Of Bedside Terror''* "Red Paper", Gillian Polack, ''Conflux''* "Reservations", Christopher Green, ''Expanded Horizons''* "Ribbons", Chris Howland, ''Leaves Of Blood''* "Runway To Heaven", Dave Luckett, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "Save The Last Dance", Mark Farrugia, ''Antipodean SF''* "Saving The Planet", Richard Kerslake, ''Antipodean SF''* "Say The Word", Felicity Dowker, ''Antipodean SF''* "Scuttle", Simon Petrie, ''Blood, Blade, & Thruster''* "Secret Of The Cattle Mutilations", Steven James Elgrove, ''Antipodean SF''* "Seventeen", Cat Sparks, ''Masques''* "Shadow Of Drought", Joanne Anderton, ''Midnight Echo''* "Signs Over The Pacific", Joanne Smyth, ''Fat Man At The End Of The World''* "Signs Over The Pacific", R. J. Astruc, ''The Fat Man At The End Of The World''* "Sincerely, Petrified", Anna Tambour, ''Lovecraft Unbound''* "Single Mother Of None", Mark Farrugia, ''Midnight Echo #3''* "Six Suicides", Deborah Biancotti, ''A Book Of Endings''* "Sixes, Sevens", Simon Petrie, ''Escape Velocity''* "Six-Legged Shadows", David Conyers, ''Monstrous: 20 Tales Of Giant Creature Terror''* "Skinny Joe", Sean Monaghan, ''Infinite Windows''* "Sleep No More", Steve Dedman, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "Sleepless In The Tower Of Ye", Ian Mchugh, ''Asimov's Science Fiction''* "Slice Of Life - A Spot Of Liver", Paul Haines, ''Slice Of Life''* "Smiley", Martin Livings, ''In Bad Dreams 2: Where Death Stalks''* "Smuggler's Moon", Lee Battersby, ''New Ceres Nights''* "Snayk", Felicity Dowker, ''Antipodean SF''* "Something Better Than Death", Lucy Sussex, ''Aurealis''* "Songdogs", Ian Mchugh, ''Beneath Ceaseless Skies''* "Soon The Teeth", Kirstyn McDermott, ''Antipodean SF''* "Soulmates", Mike Resnick and Lezli Robyn, ''Asimov's''* "Stiletto", Ian Mchugh, ''Gud Magazine''* "Still Life", Astrid Cooper, ''Masques''* "Supers", Robbie Matthews, ''Johnny Phillips Werewolf Detective''* "Taking Back The Words", Patty Jansen, ''Ticonderogaonline''* "Talking With Taniwha", Simon Petrie, ''Borderlands''* "Teamwork", David McVeigh, ''Antipodean SF''* "Tek-Tonic", Melanie Rees, ''Infinitas Newsletter''* "Terminal Illness", Alan Baxter, ''Antipodean SF''* "Terminal Illness", Alan Baxter, ''Antipodean SF''* "Teslar's Wonderful Electric Incapacitation Pistol", Liam Thorpe, ''Antipodean SF''* "The Alchematon", Karen Maric, ''Borderlands''* "The Art Of Blood", Slasher Unknown, ''Gothic Reign''* "The Artist", Joanne Smyth, ''Wilde Oats''* "The Artist", R. J. Astruc, ''Wilde Oats''* "The Beast-Machine Fableaux", Matthew Chrulew, ''Antennae''* "The Bet And The Body", Liam Thorpe, ''Antipodean SF''* "The Broken Cross", Mik Bennett, ''Masques''* "The Buck Stops - At Woop Woop", Shaun A. Saunders, ''Antipodean SF''* "The Changeling Detective", Phillip Berrie, ''Masques''* "The Couch", Karen Maric, ''Antipodean SF''* "The Cretaceous Border", Sylvia Kelso, ''Neverlands And Otherwheres''* "The Dancing Mice And The Giants Of Flanders", Laura E. Goodin, ''Masques''* "The Dirge Of Dr Donatello Dicci", Matthew Sini, ''Masques''* "The Dragonkeeper's Wife", Peter M. Ball, ''Black Dragon, White Dragon''* "The Dumbshow", Andrew J McKiernan, ''Masques''* "The Dunny", Craig John, ''Antipodean SF''* "The Easy Way", Dan McCormick, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "The Emancipated Dance", Felicity Dowker, ''Midnight Echo''* "The Fall Guy", 2009Simon Petrie, ''Masques''* "The Family That Plays Together", Shaun A. ([httpSaunders, ''Antipodean SF''* "The Fire That Flows Downstream", Marian Stone, ''Antipodean SF''* "The Fish Of Al-Kawthar's Fountain", Joanna Galbraith, ''Clockwork Phoenix: More Tales Of Beauty And Strangeness''* "The Future Of Doctor Lole San Paulo", R. J. Astruc, ''Queer Dimensions''* "The Garden Fortress", David Conyers, ''Thrilling Tales''* "The Gift Of The Buterfly Queen", Anne Mok, ''Masques''* "The Gift Of The Butterfly Queen", Anne Mok, ''Masques''* "The Girl With No Hands", Angela Slatter, ''Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet''* "The Girl With The Golden Feet", William Patrick Ward, ''Antipodean SF''* "The Glass Man", Jan Napier, ''Antipodean SF''* "The Good Window", Lisa Hannett, ''Fantasy Magazine''* "The Haunting That Jack Built", Andrew J McKiernan, ''Aurealis''* "The Hidden", Marcus Olsson, ''Masques''* "The Hunt", David Such, ''Antipodean SF''* "The Imogen Effect", Jason Fischer, ''Farrago's Wainscot''* "The Insidious Soliloquy", Jacob Edward, ''Masques''* "The King's Edict, Edited", Stephanie Campisi, ''Voiceworks''* "The Knotting", Felicity Dowker, ''Leaves Of Blood''* "The Launch", Gregor Macnamara, ''Antipodean SF''* "The Lord Of The Law", David Conyers, ''The Fourth Black Book Of Horror''* "The Man Who Did Not Dream", Shaun A. Saunders, ''Antipodean SF''* "The Monk", Ray O'Brien, ''Antipodean SF''* "The Mound", Robert Bleckly, ''Leaves Of Blood''* "The Name Thieves", Laura E. Goodin, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "The Octagon", David Conyers, ''Jupiter''* "The Patchwork Palace", Jason Fischer, ''Masques''* "The Piece Of Ice In Miss Windermere's Heart", Angela Slatter, ''New Ceres Nights''* "The Piece Of Ice In Miss Windermere's Heart", Angela Slatter, ''New Ceres Nights''* "The Platter Of Palate's Pleasure", Thoraiya Dyer, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "The Six Solvers And The Mystery Of The Sad Boy", Gitte Christensen, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "The Snow Leopard", Cat Sparks, ''Borderlands''* "The Spanish Wife", Sophie Masson, ''Quadrant''* "The Splendour Falls", Kathleen Jennings, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "The Tell", Kaaron Warren, ''Poe''* "The Tell", Kaaron Warren, ''Poe''* "The Tragedy Of La Luna", Kieran Salsone, ''Antipodean SF''* "The Two Of Are Dying", Farrygia Mark, ''Antipodean SF''* "The Vigilant", Dirk Strasser, ''Fantasy Magazine''* "The Virgin Stand", Ashley Hibbert, ''Antipodean SF''* "The Virus", Pam Farley, ''Ripples''* "The Visit", David Scholes, ''Antipodean SF''* "The Weed Eaters", Patty Jansen, ''The Fat Man At The End Of The World''* "The Widow's Face", Richard Harland, ''Masques''* "The Winter Ball", Kylie Bullivant, ''Masques''* "The Wood Moth", David Kernot, ''Antipodean SF''* "The World Is A Very Dangerous Place", Shaun A. Saunders, ''Antipodean SF''* "They Called Her Larry", Steve Duffy, ''Antipodean SF''* "This Time, Longing", Deborah Biancotti, ''A Book Of Endings''* "Three Strikes", Tom Williams, ''Antipodean SF''* "Through A Lens Darkly", Geoffrey Maloney, ''Aurealis''* "Thumping Headache", Jill Smith, ''Antipodean SF''* "Time And Tapestry", Bill Congreve, ''Borderlands''* "Time On Our Side", Mark Farrugia, ''Antipodean SF''* "Time To Sign Off", Francis Conaty, ''Antipodean SF''* "To Dream Of Stars://exampleAn Astronomer's Lament", Peter Example link to more information])Ball, ''Apex Magazine''* "To Kill A Lesser God", Mark Farrugia, ''Borderlands''* "Tom Linken", Doug Fry, ''Masques''* "Tontine Mary", Kaaron Warren, ''New Ceres Nights''* "Too Many Legs", Shane Dix, ''Gothic Reign''* "Too Many Legs", Shane Dix, ''Leaves Of Blood''* "Traitor", Gitte Christensen, ''Antipodean SF''* "Warrior", Rachel Holkner, ''Antipodean SF''* "Wayang Kulit", L. J. Hayward, ''Dead Souls''* "Weapons", S. A. Harris, ''Antipodean SF''* "What Would Luminael Do", R. J. Astruc, ''Reflection's Edge''* "When In Rome", Shaun A. Saunders, ''Antipodean SF''* "Who Wants To Live Forever", Robert Stephenson, ''Leaves Of Blood''* "Who Wants To Live Forever", Robert Stephenson, ''Leaves Of Blood''* "Words", Angela Slatter, ''The Lifted Brow''* "Zombies", Robbie Matthews, ''Johnny Phillips Werewolf Detective''
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