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2010 Ditmar eligibility list

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Best Short Story
* ''Saradasi'', Ranjit Ratnaike, Alto Books
* ''Scribble'', Gregory Bourne, Create Space
* ''Send Simon Savage'', Stephen Measday, Hardie Grant Egmont
* ''Shadow Queen'', Deborah Kalin (McDonnell), Allen & Unwin
* ''Siggy And Amber'', Doug Macleod, Puffin Books
* ''Subversive Activity'', Dave Luckett, Vivid Publishing (Fremantle, WA) ([ More information])
* ''Tensy Farlow And The Home For Mislaid Children'', Jen Storer, Penguin/Viking
* ''The Absent Men'', Louise Katz, in ''X6'', coeur de lion (note, although collected in X6, this story is over 40 000 words)
* ''The Barbarian Librarian'', Philip Lemon, Vivid Publishing
* ''The Book From Baden Dark'', James Moloney, Harpercollins Publishers Australia
* ''The Grand Conjunction'', Sean Williams, Ace (New York, USA)
* ''The Immortal'', Michael Panckridge, Black Dog Books
* ''The King in Reserve'' (The Chronicles of Krangor 3), Michael Pryor, Random House Australia.
* ''The Land Of Kur (Stopwatch Book 1)'', Ambelin, Blaze & Ezekiel Kwaymullina, Sally Morgan, Walker Books Australia
* ''The Land Of Mirthful (Stopwatch Book 2)'', Ambelin, Blaze & Ezekiel Kwaymullina, Sally Morgan, Walker Books Australia
* "Blessed Are The Dead That The Rain Falls Upon", Martin Livings, in ''New Ceres Nights''
* "Daivadana", Andrew J McKiernan, in ''Bad Dreams 2: Where Death Stalks''
* "Gamers' Quest", George Ivanoff, Ford Street Publishing ([ More information])
* "Heart Of Stone", Cat Sparks, in ''X6''
* "Horn", Peter M. Ball, Twelfth Planet Press
* "Iron Temple", Trent Jamieson, in ''X6''
* "Sea-Hearts", Margo Lanagan, in ''X6''
* "[ Sincerely, Petrified]", Anna Tambour, in ''Lovecraft Unbound''
* "Single Handed", Simon Petrie, in ''Kaleidotrope''
* "Siren Beat", Tansy Rayner Roberts, in ''Roadkill/Siren Beat''
* "The Absent MenEarth Ship", Louise KatzGraham Storrs, in ''X6Best Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction of 2009''(Absent Willow Publishing)
* "The Library", Terry Dowling, in ''X6''
* "The Message", Andrew J McKiernan, in ''Midnight Echoes''
''3.6 Short Story: A Short Story is any work of sf/f/h less than 7,500 words.''
* "A Believer's Guide To Azagarth", R. J. Astruc(Joanne Smyth), ''Third Order''
* "A Crazy Kind Of Love", Christopher Green, ''Nossa Morte''
* "A Death Worse Than Fate", Jackie Hosking, ''Antipodean SF''
* "A Furture For Dispair", Nicholas Sheppard, ''Antipodean SF''
* "A Hat Full Of Leaves", R. J. Astruc(Joanne Smyth), ''Aurealis''
* "A Hundredth Name", Christopher Green, ''Abyss & Apex''
* "A Longing For The Dark", Sean Williams, ''Terra Incognita Speculative Fiction Podcast''
* "A Portrait Of My Mum And Dad", Karen Maric, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''
* "A Rose For Becca", Jason Fischer, ''Borderlands''
* "A Strange Little Monster", Sue Whiting, in ''A Strange Little Monster'', Penguin Books Australia.
* "A Tour Of The City Of Assassins", Kyla Ward, ''Ticonderoga Online''
* "A Troublesome Day For Jacky Midnight", Matthew Farrer, ''New Ceres Nights''
* "Accident", Robbie Matthews, ''Johnny Phillips Werewolf Detective''
* "Albatross Ghosts", Joanne Anderton, ''Kaleidotrope 7''.
* "Aleph Mem Tav", Miranda Siemienowicz, ''Aurealis''
* "All The Way", Graham Storrs, ''The Future Fire''
* "An Ancient Malice Rising", Steve Duffy, ''Antipodean SF''
* "An Old World Problem", Kain Massin, ''Leaves Of Blood''
* "April", David Such, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Aqua Vita", Stephanie Campisi, ''Voiceworks''
* "Ariadne", Jenny Blackford and Stuart Mayne, ''Aurealis''
* "Ascension", Martin Livings, ''Grants Pass''
* "Ashes", Shaun A. Saunders, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Blood", David Such, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Bodysurfing", Simon Petrie, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Burn Me", Adrian Gibb Adrian, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Burnt", Rick Kennett, ''Aurealis''
* "Busking", Jason Fischer, ''Midnight Echo #3''
* "Cockroach Love", Damien Broderick and Paul Di Filippo, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''
* "Coming Up For Air", Deborah Biancotti, ''A Book Of Endings''
* "Commonplace Sacrifices", L. L. Hannett, ''On Spec'', 21(4), Winter 2009
* "Coppernic's Sky", Ariella Adler, ''Masques''
* "Creature Feature", K. T. McRae, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''
* "Disney's World", Jay Caselberg, ''Borderlands''
* "Downdraft", Simon Petrie, ''Sybil's Garage''
* "Dragon Bones", Joanna Anderton, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine39''
* "Drinking Black Coffee At The Jasper Grey Cafe", Stephanie Campisi, ''Sybil's Garage''
* "Duty", Rodney J. Smith, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Edison & Earth", Jonathen Gillen, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Ephemeral Love", Melanie Rees, ''The Future Fire''
* "Escape", Jillian Moffatt Jillian, ''Antipodean SF''* "Faceless In Halukan", R. J. Astruc(Joanne Smyth), ''Not One Of Us''
* "Fair Trade", Stephen Dedman, ''New Ceres Nights'', Twelfth Planet Press
* "Father's Kill", Christopher Green, ''Beneath Ceaseless Skies''
* "Feast", L. lL. Hannett, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Field Of Dreams", Brendan D. Carson, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Figment", Matt Tighe, ''Antipodean SF''
* "For Want Of A Jesusman", Jason Fischer, ''Aurealis''
* "Four Fathers", Mark McAuliffe, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Four Parties", R. J. Astruc(Joanne Smyth), ''Masques''
* "Frozen", Angela Slatter, ''Doorways Magazine''
* "Gentlement Prefer Pengs", Amelia Walker, ''Masques''
* "Greenwich Meantime Plus", R. J. Astruc(Joanne Smyth), ''Expanded Horizons''
* "Guy Walks Into A Bar", Simon Petrie, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Having Faith", Christopher Green, ''Nossa Morte''
* "Inventory", Jason Fischer, ''Brain Harvest''
* "Jack Austin Xeno-Hunter", Jamie Richter, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Jesse's Gift", Felicity Dowker, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''
* "Jesse's Gift", Felicity Dowker, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''
* "Johnny So Long At The Fair", Lezli Robyn, ''Jim Baen's Universe''
* "Light As Mist, Heavy As Hope", Angela Slatter, ''Needles & Bones''
* "Like Us", Tansy Rayner Roberts, ''Shiny''', Twelfth Planet Press
* "Little Ghost Boy", Joanne Anderton, ''Midnight Echo 3''
* "Losing Tahlia", Jason Crowe, ''Midnight Echo''
* "Lost In Space", Mark Farrugia, ''Antipodean SF''
* "On The Destruction Of Copenhagen By The Warmachine Of The Merfolk", Peter M. Ball, ''Strange Horizons''
* "On The Lot And In The Air", Lisa Hannett, ''Clarkesworld Magazine''
* "Once A Month, On A Sunday...", Ian MchughMcHugh, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''* "Once A Month, On A Sunday...Orchids", Ian MchughChristopher Johnstone, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight MagazineOn Spec'', 21(4), Winter 2009
* "Ours To Tease", Felicity Bloomfield, ''Masques''
* "Overworld", Megan Jones, ''Masques''
* "Prosperine When It Sizzles", Tansy Rayner Roberts, ''New Ceres Nights'', Twelfth Planet Press
* "Punctuality", Garth Nix, ''The New Space Opera 2''
* "Reading By Numbers", Aidan Doyle, ''Fantasy Magazine''
* "Recruitment", Felicity Dowker, ''Malpractice: An Anthology Of Bedside Terror''
* "Red Paper", Gillian Polack, ''Conflux''
* "Secret Of The Cattle Mutilations", Steven James Elgrove, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Seventeen", Cat Sparks, ''Masques''
* "Shadow Of Drought", Joanne Anderton, ''Midnight Echo''* "Signs Over The Pacific", Joanne Smyth, ''Fat Man At The End Of The World2''* "Signs Over The Pacific", R. J. Astruc(Joanne Smyth), ''The Fat Man At The End Of The World''* "Sincerely, Petrified", Anna Tambour, ''Lovecraft Unbound''
* "Single Mother Of None", Mark Farrugia, ''Midnight Echo #3''
* "Six Suicides", Deborah Biancotti, ''A Book Of Endings''
* "Sixes, Sevens", Simon Petrie, ''Escape Velocity''
* "Six-Legged Shadows", David Conyers, ''Monstrous: 20 Tales Of Giant Creature Terror''
* "Skinny Joe", Sean Monaghan, ''Infinite Windows''
* "Sleep No More", Steve Dedman, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''
* "Sleepless In The Tower Of Ye", Ian Mchugh, ''Asimov's Science Fiction''
* "Teamwork", David McVeigh, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Tek-Tonic", Melanie Rees, ''Infinitas Newsletter''
* "Terminal Illness", Alan Baxter, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Terminal Illness", Alan Baxter, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Teslar's Wonderful Electric Incapacitation Pistol", Liam Thorpe, ''Antipodean SF''
* "The Alchematon", Karen Maric, ''Borderlands''
* "The Art Of Blood", Slasher Unknown, ''Gothic Reign''
* "The Artist", Joanne Smyth, ''Wilde Oats''* "The Artist", R. J. Astruc(Joanne Smyth), ''Wilde Oats''
* "The Beast-Machine Fableaux", Matthew Chrulew, ''Antennae''
* "The Bet And The Body", Liam Thorpe, ''Antipodean SF''
* "The Dragonkeeper's Wife", Peter M. Ball, ''Black Dragon, White Dragon''
* "The Dumbshow", Andrew J McKiernan, ''Masques''
* "The Dunny", John Craig John, ''Antipodean SF''
* "The Easy Way", Dan McCormick, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''
* "The Emancipated Dance", Felicity Dowker, ''Midnight Echo''
* "The Fire That Flows Downstream", Marian Stone, ''Antipodean SF''
* "The Fish Of Al-Kawthar's Fountain", Joanna Galbraith, ''Clockwork Phoenix: More Tales Of Beauty And Strangeness''
* "The Future Of Doctor Lole San Paulo", R. J. Astruc(Joanne Smyth), ''Queer Dimensions''
* "The Garden Fortress", David Conyers, ''Thrilling Tales''
* "The Gift Of The Buterfly Queen", Anne Mok, ''Masques''
* "The Gift Of The Butterfly Queen", Anne Mok, ''Masques''
* "The Girl With No Hands", Angela Slatter, ''Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet''
* "The Octagon", David Conyers, ''Jupiter''
* "The Patchwork Palace", Jason Fischer, ''Masques''
* "The Piece Of Ice In Miss Windermere's Heart", Angela Slatter, ''New Ceres Nights''
* "The Piece Of Ice In Miss Windermere's Heart", Angela Slatter, ''New Ceres Nights''
* "The Platter Of Palate's Pleasure", Thoraiya Dyer, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''
* "The Six Solvers And The Mystery Of The Sad Boy", Gitte Christensen, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''
* "The Shouter and the Chanter", Graham Storrs. ''Alien Skin''
* "The Snow Leopard", Cat Sparks, ''Borderlands''
* "The Spanish Wife", Sophie Masson, ''Quadrant''
* "The Splendour Falls", Kathleen Jennings, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''
* "[ The Tell", Kaaron Warren, ''Poe''* "The Tell]", Kaaron Warren, ''Poe''
* "The Tragedy Of La Luna", Kieran Salsone, ''Antipodean SF''
* "The Two Of Are Dying", Farrygia Mark, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Tom Linken", Doug Fry, ''Masques''
* "Tontine Mary", Kaaron Warren, ''New Ceres Nights''
* "Too Many Legs", Shane Dix, ''Gothic Reign''* "Too Many Legs", Shane Dix, and ''Leaves Of Blood''
* "Traitor", Gitte Christensen, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Warrior", Rachel Holkner, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Wayang Kulit", L. J. Hayward, ''Dead Souls''
* "Weapons", S. A. Harris, ''Antipodean SF''
* "What Would Luminael Do", R. J. Astruc(Joanne Smyth), ''Reflection's Edge''
* "When In Rome", Shaun A. Saunders, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Who Wants To Live Forever", Robert Stephenson, ''Leaves Of Blood''
* "Who Wants To Live Forever", Robert Stephenson, ''Leaves Of Blood''
* "Words", Angela Slatter, ''The Lifted Brow''
''3.7 Collected Work: A collected work is a sf/f/h collection or anthology, magazine or journal, ezine or webzine which must pay contributors in other than contributor copies and incidentals, or the editor/s of which declare the work to be professional. At least one edition of a collected work must have been issued in the eligible calendar year.''
* ''An Example Collected workA Book Of Endings'', Australian EditorDeborah Biancotti / Alisa Krasnostein and Ben Payne (sEds), Publisher Twelfth Planet Press* ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine'', ASIM Collective, Andromeda Spaceways Publishing Co-Operative* ''Aurealis'', Stuart Mayne, Chimaera Publications* ''Dead Bait'', Gary Lucas (LocationEd), 2009. Severed Press* ''Eclipse Two'', Jonathan Strahan ([http:Ed), Night Shade Books* ''Eclipse Three'', Jonathan Strahan (Ed), Night Shade Books* ''Johnny Phillips Werewolf Detective'', Robbie Matthews /Donna Hanson (Ed), Aust Speculative Fiction* ''Leaves Of Blood'', Mike Brown (Ed), Altair Australia* ''Masques'', Gillian Polack and Scott Hopkins (Eds), Csfg Publishing* ''New Ceres Nights'', Alisa Krasnostein and Tehani Wessely (Eds), Twelfth Planet Press* ''Slice Of Life'', Paul Haines / Example link to more informationGeoff Maloney (Ed), The Mayne Press* ''The Best Science Fiction And Fantasy Of The Year: Volume 3'', Jonathan Strahan (Ed), Night Shade Books* ''The New Space Opera 2'', Jonathan Strahan (Ed), Harpercollins Publishers Australia* ''Wild Thyme, Green Magic'', Jack Vance and Jonathan Strahan (Ed), Subterranean Press* ''X6'', [[Keith Stevenson]] (Ed), Coeur De Lion Publishing
===Best Artwork===
''3.8 Best Artwork: An artwork is a single work or series of related works of art in any medium other than text.''
* Cover Art, Dion Hamill, for ''Horn''An Example artwork, Twelfth Planet Press* Cover Art, Dion Hamill, for ''Roadkill/Siren Beat'', Australian ArtistTwelfth Planet Press* Art, Andrew J McKiernan, in Containing Publication''Savage Menace And Other Poems'', Publisher (Location)P'rea Press * Art, 2009. ([httpAndrew J McKiernan, in ''Shards:// Example link to more information])Short Sharp Tales'', Brimstone Press* Cover Art, Nick Stathopoulos, for ''A Book of Endings'', Twelfth Planet Press* Cover Art, Dion Hamill, for ''New Ceres Nights'', Twelfth Planet Press
===Best Fan Writer===
===Best Fan Publicationin any Medium===
''3.10 Fan Publication: This award is for work in any medium first published, released, or made available for public viewing in the eligible calendar year. The writer or artist must have received no payment. Eligible works include, but are not limited to, a periodical, journal, fanzine, ezine or webzine.''
* ''An Example Australian Fan Publication'', Australian Writer, Artist or Editor, Publisher (Location), 2009. ([ Example link to more information])
===Best Achievement===
* An Example Australian Achievement, Australian Achiever(s), details of Achievement including location and date if appropriate. ([ Example link to more information])
* Gamers' Quest book trailer, H. Gibbens, computer animated book trailer [ View trailer]
* An Example Australian Writer or Editor, for Work, in Containing Publication, Publisher (Location), 2009. ([ Example link to more information])
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