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2010 Ditmar eligibility list

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Best Short Story
* "Signs Over The Pacific", Joanne Smyth, ''Fat Man At The End Of The World''
* "Signs Over The Pacific", R. J. Astruc, ''The Fat Man At The End Of The World''
* "[ Sincerely, Petrified]", Anna Tambour, ''Lovecraft Unbound''
* "Single Mother Of None", Mark Farrugia, ''Midnight Echo #3''
* "Six Suicides", Deborah Biancotti, ''A Book Of Endings''
* "The Spanish Wife", Sophie Masson, ''Quadrant''
* "The Splendour Falls", Kathleen Jennings, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine''
* "[ The Tell]", Kaaron Warren, ''Poe''
* "The Tragedy Of La Luna", Kieran Salsone, ''Antipodean SF''
* "The Two Of Are Dying", Farrygia Mark, ''Antipodean SF''
approved, natconcom

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