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2010 Ditmar eligibility list

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Best Short Story
* "A Troublesome Day For Jacky Midnight", Matthew Farrer, ''New Ceres Nights''
* "Accident", Robbie Matthews, ''Johnny Phillips Werewolf Detective''
* "Albatross Ghosts", Joanne Anderton, ''Kaleidotrope 7''.
* "Aleph Mem Tav", Miranda Siemienowicz, ''Aurealis''
* "All The Way", Graham Storrs, ''The Future Fire''
* "Disney's World", Jay Caselberg, ''Borderlands''
* "Downdraft", Simon Petrie, ''Sybil's Garage''
* "Dragon Bones", Joanna Anderton, ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine39''
* "Drinking Black Coffee At The Jasper Grey Cafe", Stephanie Campisi, ''Sybil's Garage''
* "Duty", Rodney J. Smith, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Light As Mist, Heavy As Hope", Angela Slatter, ''Needles & Bones''
* "Like Us", Tansy Rayner Roberts, ''Shiny''', Twelfth Planet Press
* "Little Ghost Boy", Joanne Anderton, ''Midnight Echo 3''
* "Losing Tahlia", Jason Crowe, ''Midnight Echo''
* "Lost In Space", Mark Farrugia, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Secret Of The Cattle Mutilations", Steven James Elgrove, ''Antipodean SF''
* "Seventeen", Cat Sparks, ''Masques''
* "Shadow Of Drought", Joanne Anderton, ''Midnight Echo2''
* "Signs Over The Pacific", R. J. Astruc (Joanne Smyth), ''The Fat Man At The End Of The World''
* "Single Mother Of None", Mark Farrugia, ''Midnight Echo #3''

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