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2011 Ditmar eligibility list

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Best Short Story
* "Ghosts Under Glass", Tracie McBride, in ''Horror Library Vol 4: An Anthology of Terror'', Cutting Block Press.
* "Giant Mushroom Envelops Small WA Town", Sean Monaghan, in ''Antipodean SF 149''.
* "Goodnights to Heaven", Jason Fischer, in ''Necroscope''
* "Graffiti", Joanne Anderton, in ''Worlds Next Door'', FableCroft Publishing.
* "Happily Until Their Deaths", Monica Carroll, in ''Antipodean SF 141''.
* "Salary Ninja", Aidan Doyle, in ''Port Iris Magazine 3''.
* "Sane Planet", Rob Bleckly, in ''Antipodean SF 147''.
* "Sebastian", Jason Fischer, in ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 44''
* "Seven", Stephanie Campisi, in ''Scenes from the Second Storey'', Morrigan Books.
* "She Said", Kirstyn McDermott, in ''Scenes from the Second Storey'', Morrigan Books.
* "Starry Eyed Trio: Space Twins", David Kernot, in ''Antipodean SF 147''.
* "Starry Eyed Trio: The Seven Sisters", David Kernot, in ''Antipodean SF 148''.
* "Starship Zamedi", Jason Fischer, in ''Zombonauts'', Library of the Living Dead Press.
* "Stickman", Christopher Green, in ''Night Chills''.
* "Stone Flowers", Aidan Doyle, in ''Fantasy Magazine'', Sept 6th 2010.
* "The Heart of a Mouse", K.J. Bishop, in ''Subterranean'', Winter 2010.
* "The Heresy of Darren Wexmouth", Brendan D. Carson, in ''Antipodean SF 141''.
* "The House of Nameless", Jason Fischer, in ''Writers of the Future XXVI'', Galaxy Press.
* "The House on Juniper Road", Felicity Dowker, in ''Worlds Next Door'', FableCroft Publishing.
* "The Last Australian Hero", Natalie Sutherland, in ''Antipodean SF 149''.
* "The Scary Place", Brett McBean, in ''Eclecticism E-zine 13''.
* "The Sceptic", Francis Conaty, in ''Antipodean SF 148''.
* "The School Bus", Jason Fischer, in ''Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 46''.
* "The Scoundrel's Wife", Ben Langdon, in ''This Mutant Life 2''.
* "The Sea Witch", Gerry Huntman, in ''Page Dancers'', IFWG Publishing.
* "The Steal", P.M. Freestone, in ''Antipodean SF 147''.
* "The Trouble with Hitchhikers" by Gregor MacNamara, ''Antipodean SF 140''.
* "The Ward of Hours", Jason Fischer, in ''An Eclectic Slice of Life'', Dark Prints Press
* "The Water People", David Schembri, in ''Daily Flash'', Pill Hill Press.
* "The Whisper of Ancient Secrets", Penelope Love, in ''Cthulu's Dark Cults: Ten Tales of Dark & Secretive Orders'', Chaosium.

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