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2011 Ditmar eligibility list

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Best Artwork: added Belong, Scary Kisses, Dead Sea Fruit, The Girl With No Hands, The Infernal
* "Australian Mythical Victoria", Tiki Swain, for Aussiecon 4 Art Show.
* Cover art, Shaun Tan, for ''Australis Imaginarium'', FableCroft Publishing.
* Cover art, Russell B Farr, for ''Belong'', Ticonderoga Publications.* Cover art, Dion Hamill, for ''Bleed'', Twelfth Planet Press.* Cover art, Olga Read, for ''Dead Sea Fruit'', Ticonderoga Publications.
* "Savage Menace - Visions of Golconda", Andrew J. McKiernan, for ''Savage Menace & Other Poems of Horror'', P'rea Press.
* Cover art, Amanda Rainey, for ''Scary Kisses'', Ticonderoga Publications.
* ''Sketches from a Nameless Land'', Shaun Tan, Hachette Australia.
* ''The Bird King: and other sketches'', Shaun Tan, Windy Hollow Books.
* Cover art, Lisa L. Hannett, for ''The Girl With No Hands and other tales'', Ticonderoga Publications.
* ''The Legend of the Golden Snail'', Graeme Base, Abrams Books.
* Cover art, Russell B. Farr, for ''The Infernal'', Ticonderoga Publications.
* ''The Omega Quest'', Tim Mager, for 2010 Melbourne Fringe Festival.
* ''What Miscellaneous Abnormality is That?: A field guide'', Shaun Tan.

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