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2011 Ditmar eligibility list

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Best Artwork: remove strikethrough for Lisa L Hannett. Must we get into a debate over what is art?
* Cover art, Dion Hamill, for ''The Angaelien Apocalyse/The Company Articles of Edward Teach'' novella double, Twelfth Planet Press. ([ ET/AA])
* Cover art, Dion Hamill, for ''Bleed'', Twelfth Planet Press. ([])
<s>* Cover art, Lisa L. Hannett, for ''The Girl With No Hands and other tales'', Ticonderoga Publications.</s> ''Not original art - may belong in Best Achievement for design.''
* ''The Omega Quest'', Tim Mager, for 2010 Melbourne Fringe Festival.
* Dust-jacket cover art and internal illustrations, Andrew J. McKiernan, for ''Savage Menace & Other Poems of Horror'', P'rea Press.

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