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* [[:Category:Publishers|Australian genre publishers]]
==Australian FanzinesFandom==* [ The Antipodean Areopagus], edited by Bill Wright* [ The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet]* [[Category:CygneturesClubs_and_Societies|CygneturesClubs and Societies]] - A one-off born at the SWANCON 1 ''Fanzine Factory'' event* [ Dark Matter], edited by Nalini Haynes* [ eFNAC], edited by John Foyster* [httpCategory:// Futurian ObserverFanzines|Fanzines] - An Australian newszine (1940-1942)* [ Gegenschein], edited by Eric Lindsay* [ Interstellar Ramjet Scoop], edited by Bill Wright* [ Kalien], edited by Jocko* [httpCategory:// The Mentor], edited by Ron Clarke* [ The Metaphysical Review], edited by Bruce Gillespie* [ Mumblings from Munchkinland], edited by Chris Nelson* [ Out of the Kaje], edited by Karen Johnson* [ The Post-Apocalyptic Housewife's Domestic Companion], edited by Tiki Swain* [ Sardine Tin GodsOrganisations|Organisations], edited by Erika Maria Lacey* [ SF Commentary], edited by Bruce Gillespie* [ Steam Engine Time], edited by Bruce Gillespie and Janine Stinson* [ Taste Not The Pierian Spring], edited by Erika Maria Lacey* [ Transcendental Basenji Sermons and Enlightenment], edited by Garry P. Dalrymple* [ WeberWoman's Wrevenge], edited by Jean Weber
==Natcon relatedAustralian Conventions==* [[:''Main articleCategory: [[Natcon|Natcon]]''** [[wikipedia:Australian National Science Fiction Convention|Australian National Science Fiction Convention]] (offsite)** [[Natcon Constitution]]** [[Natcon BM]] (including minutes)** [[Natcon Standing Committee Rules]]** [[Ditmar committee]]** [[Ditmar running guide]]** [[Natcon running guide]]** [ Natcon and Ditmar discussion list]** [ Natconcom site] — resources for the Natcon Business Meeting Standing Committee ==Swancon related==* [[Swancon History:Category:Regional_conventions|Regional conventions]]* [[Swancon 2007 photos]]* [[Swancon 2008 photos]] ==WASFF related==:''Main articleCategory: [[WASFFConvention_organisation|Running conventions]]''This site includes lots and lots of information about WASFF. More than you could ever really want — believe me. Have a look at some of these:* [[Constitution]]* [[Bylaws]]* [[Standard Forms]]* [[Red Book]]* [[Membership List]]* Membership Info* [[Templates]]* [[Awards]] * [[Tin Duck Nominations]]* Voting* [[AGM]]* Convention Nomination forms* [[WASFFWeb Report]] ====Technical====* [[Tech tasks]] — work for the sftech group* [[WASFF assets]] — primarily technical* [[Tech support]] — what to do if WASFF's tech is failing you =====Mailing list=====Sign up to the WASFF Announcement mailing list [ here].
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