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==Australian Awards==
* [[Australian awards]]including Aurealis, [[Ditmar Award|Ditmar]], [[Double Gammas Award|Double Gammas]], [[Kris Hembury Encouragement Award|Kris Hembury]], [[Marge Hughes Award|Marge Hughes]], Norma K. Hemming, [[Peter McNamara Achievement Award|Peter McNamara]], [[Silver Swan Award|Silver Swan]], [[Tin Duck Award|Tin Duck]].
==Australians in the genre==
==Australian Fandom==
* [[:Category:Clubs_and_Societies|Clubs and Societies]], including [[Melbourne Science Fiction Club|MSFC]]
* [[Fanzines]]
* [[:Category:Organisations|Organisations]], including the [[Continuum Foundation]] and [[WASFF]]
==Australian Conventions==
* [[Natcon]]
* [[:Category:Regional_conventions|Regional conventions]]: including Conflux, Conjure, Conquest, [[Continuum]], Discon, GhenghisCon, [[Gynaecon]], [[Nullus Anxietas]], [[Slashcon]], [[Swancon]], Thylacon* [[:Category:Convention_organisation|Running conventions]] including [[Accessibility]], [[Natcon running guide]], [[Red Book]]

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