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Ditmar rules

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3.0 Eligibility Criteria: editing William Atheling Jr as instructed by 2012 BM
:3.10 Fan Publication: This award is for work in any medium first published, released, or made available for public viewing in the eligible calendar year. The writer or artist must have received no payment. Eligible works include, but are not limited to, a periodical, journal, fanzine, ezine or webzine.
:3.11 Best New Talent: The Best New Talent award recognises excellence of achievement in any field of the genre by an individual who has not been nominated for a recognised award three or more years before the year the award is held. Recognised awards include but are not limited to: Australian SF ("Ditmar") Awards, WA SF Achievement Awards (Tin Ducks), Aurealis, Hugo and Nebula Awards. An individual is only eligible for two consecutive years.
:3.12 The William Atheling Jr Award: The William Atheling Jr Award is for the writing or editing of a work or a group of related work works of criticism or review pertaining to the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and or horror.
==4.0 Nomination Process==
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