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Ditmar rules

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5.0 Final Ballot: editing 5.4 as instructed by 2012 BM
:5.2 Minimum nominations for finalists: To appear on the ballot a finalist must attract a minimum of four nominations in the Professional and Best New Talent categories, or two in the Fan and other Special Awards category (the William Atheling Jr Award).
:5.3 Minimum finalists for categories: At the subcommittee’s discretion, in the event that there are fewer than four finalists in the Novella or Novelette and Short Story categories, these categories may be merged into a single category called Short Fiction.
:5.4 Order Appearance of finalists: Finalists shall appear be listed in randomised order. The content of listings is at the discretion of the committee.
:5.5 No Award: “No Award” shall appear last on the ballot for all categories.
approved, natconcom

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