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Ditmar rules

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3.0 Eligibility Criteria: editing 3.3 as instructed by the 2012 BM
:3.1 Timeliness: Works and achievements are eligible if they occurred or were first published or released anywhere in the world in an edition dated in the calendar year immediately preceding the year the award is held, or dated after the opening of nominations for the year immediately preceding the year the award is held if that is earlier than the start of that year (but after the close of that year).
:3.2 Australianness: Nominees are eligible if they were Australian citizens or residents in the year their nominated work was released.
:3.3 Eligibility of committee members: The awards will be administered by a sub-committee of the Standing Committee of the Business Meeting of the National Australian Science Fiction Convention, and the members of the sub-committee will not be eligible for an awardand may neither nominate nor vote in the awards. The Standing Committee shall rule on issues of conflict of interest.
:3.4 Novel: A Novel is any work of sf/f/h of more than 40,000 words.
:3.5 Novella or Novelette: A Novella or Novelette is any work of sf/f/h of 7,500 to 40,000 words.
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