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Ditmar rules

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7.0 The Physical Nature of the Trophy: editing as instructed by the 2012 BM
:6.5 Votes for nominees not listed on the official ballot will be invalid and no additions or alterations to the nominees will be recognised.
==7.0 The Physical Nature of the TrophyAwards==:7.1 Finalist CertificatesFinalists: All finalists Persons listed on the ballot, or responsible for works listed on the ballot, shall receive an A4 certificate honouring their detailing that achievementfor each such listing.:7.2 The TrophyWinners: Ditmar winners shall receive a standard trophyand an A4 certificate detailing that achievement for each win. (Trophies have frequently featured the 1:4:9 proportions of the monolith in the film "2001: A Space Odyssey" and a Southern Cross motif.) :7.3 The convention committee may make any other physical awards it deems fit. (Beginning in 2010, a pin has been awarded to each finalist.)
==8.0 Appendix: Possible Future Changes==
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