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Family Programme

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The purpose of the Family Programme is to provide a hands-on activity stream (particularly suited to 3-12 year olds), and a 'chill-out' space so that the younger members of the convention can have space to act their age. It is ''not'' child-minding, and children are expected to have a parent or designated guardian in the room with them at all times.
Other members of the convention are welcome to come and join the activities or just have a chat.
'''Room requirements'''
'''Programme items'''
People running programme items are not expected to look after the children in the room, merely provide an activity to distract them. In general, programme items should run for about half an hour only (some high interest items, like Plush Toy Wars, may run for an hour). Over an Easter convention, programming will begin on Friday morning. It will run from the opening of programming each day until the dinner break, with a break at lunchtime. On Friday, items are best scheduled for half an hour out of every hour (based on the number of attendees), and Sunday, programming does not really need to begin before lunchtime.Monday, no programming (or minimal... Maybe videos) is necessary, but the space and some chill out materials are essential, as all the kids are really tired and may need space!

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