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VLADIMIR PUTIN, Donald Trump, ANATOLIY GOLOD: GOOD CYCLES CAN IMPROVE THE WORLD. READ '''[ GOOD SENSATION]'''! Vladimir Putin (President, RUSSIAN FEDERATION), Donald Trump (President, USA), Anatoliy Golod (General Director, GUIDES). RUSSIAN FEDERATION creates worldwide support. For making good relations, good situations in the world General Universal Information Defense Excellent Service was created in Russia (GUIDES, General director, creator: Anatoliy Golod, has diploma with honors, Ph.D.). It accumulates informational resources from the all world security services who want to make good situations in the world. That's why it also names in mass media: the Central Intelligence Universe Agency (CIUA , "See I You Are": "I can see, You can see"; it is necessary to see each other, good communicate with each other to make good situations and good relations in society). The good prestige can have good informational, social and economic activities for good results in society, that's why the Russian well oriented organizations, security services and well oriented good organizations, security services in all countries who want to make good situations in the world can take the good prestige.00000

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