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Swancon 14

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=Swancon 14=Being the 14th Western Australian regional science fiction convention -- Subtitled "The Urban Spaceman"-- this was also the 28th Australian National SF Convention.
28th Australian National SF Dates: Thursday 23rd to Monday 27th March (the Easter weekend), 1989 __TOC__ ==The Convention.== ===Guests===GoH: John Varley
DatesToastmaster: Thursday 23rd to Monday 27th March (the Easter weekend), 1989Bob Shaw FGoH: Paul J. Stevens DUFF: John D. Berry FFANZ: Brian Howell ===Venue===King's Ambassador Hotel
Chairthingy: Cindy Clarkson
Security: Jay Plester
==VenueHistory==King's Ambassador Hotel...
==Guests=Oral History and Reminiscences===GoH: John Varley...
Toastmaster: Bob Shaw==Publications and Productions==...
FGoH: Paul J. Stevens
DUFF: John D==References==... Berry
FFANZ: Brian Howell==External Links==...

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