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Email System Office 365

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'''Users should not delete emails in mailboxes, move them to a SwanconXX subfolder for future reference.'''
Emails setup on this service can be accessed in a number of ways:
* A Mailbox that emails are directly delivered to.
* Copies of emails sent to mailboxes are also forward to distribution groups, contacts can be added to these groups and receive a copy to their nominated email address.
==Tools Links and Resources==
* [ Admin Center]
* [ Exchange Admin Center]
* [ Office 365 for administrators]
 * Setup User [ Listen-US&ad==Tasks that need to be completed (dot point)US Add User]
How to do the tasks* FYI: <role> is used to reference the following Convenor,Treasurer,Secretary,Programming, etc* Setup User [ Add User]
===Access to Committee's <role> emails===
** Click "Save"
==Conclusion and Notes==
Who do you contact for help, list previous Personnel?
A bit about the department/area
What is the purpose of this task
==Tools and Resources==
What tools must be used and what tools and resources are recommended.
==Conclusion and Notes==
ConclusionIts preferable that users use mailboxes directly as this will record outgoing correspondence as well.
Who do you contact for help, list previous PersonnelThere are lots of online resources just google "Office 365 ???".[ Brian Johnson] provisioned the system.

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