Swancon 12

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The 12th Western Australian regional science fiction convention, alternatively titled "Swancon XII: Breakthroughs"

Swancon 12/Swancon XII was held on the Labour Day Long Weekend, February 28-March 2 1987.

The Convention


GoH: John McDouall


Airways Hotel, 195 Adelaide Tce, Perth


Co-Ordinator: David Simmons

Secretary: Gina Goddard

Treasurer: Matthew Clarkson

Programming: Cindy Evans

Hotel Liason: Mark Bivens

Publicity: Stephen Johnson

Catering: Elizabeth Bowyer

Membership Rates

As of the third progress report the membership rates were:

Attending: $25

Supporting: $10

Door rate Attending: $30

Those wishing to attend the Sunday night banquet paid $20 per head.

Hucksters Tables costs:

Professional: $40

Fan: $20

(these were for the entire weekend)



Publications and Productions




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