Swancon 2000

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20-24 April 2000

The Convention


Connie Willis, Robin Hobb, Ian Nichols, Garth Nix, Mitch?

International Ghost of Honour - Jim Henson


Ascot Inn


Candice Schilder (Convenor) Grant Watson Simon Oxwell Anna Hepworth ??John Parker Elizabeth Trump Brian Trump ...


Demonstration copy of SwanCon the Cad game was play-tested. [Paul Andinach] Some quibbling as to whether this is correct was made - certainly play testing of the game is remembered as happening at Swancon in 2001 as well. Jack Bridges reports that Stephen Dedman was busy playing said game (in 2001) instead of attending the Ditmar Awards Ceremony at which he unexpectedly won two Ditmars. He had not expected to win, because he was up against Terry Dowling. [Jack Bridges]

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