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SwanCon 2010 was the 35th annual West Australian Science Fiction Convention, held on April 1st-5th 2010. Held under the auspices of the Parasol Corporation.

SwanCon 2010 T-shirt Logo with the carbon rings indicating it is SwanCon 35
SwanCon 2010 T-shirt logo

The Convention


  • GoH: Scott Sigler, Ian Irvine
  • FGoH: John Samuel


For the fifth year in a row, it was at the All Seasons Hotel, 15 Robinson Ave, Northbridge WA. The con rates for rooms at the hotel were $125 or $149 per night


  • Co-Chair: Todd Rowlands
  • Co-Chair: John Green
  • Secretary: Linda Deegan
  • Treasurer: Jay Watson
  • Hotel Liaison: Tenille Flower
  • Guest Liaison: Stephen Wroth
  • Programming: Julian Ackermann
  • Gaming: Craig Greenbank
  • Assisting: Mark Clews, Darren Greeve, Brett Griggs, Yoli Lawrence, Craig Stephenson, Coreynn Tan
  • Art Show: Daniel Heald
  • Awards: Anna Hepworth


Door prices

  • Full: $180
  • Concession: $170
  • Day: Thursday/Friday:$25, Saturday/Sunday:$60, Monday:$40



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