Swancon 22

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Held on the long weekend 24-27 Jan 1997.

The Convention


Howard Waldrop, Stephen Dedman, David Cake


Metro Inn


Russell B Farr (Co-convenor, Secretary, Guest Liaison)

David Yeates (Co-convenor, Programming)

Rohan Wallace (Treasurer)

Peter Kelly (Committee)

Avril Garner (Committee)

The associates of the committee are: Anna Hepworth, Simon Oxwell, H Shay Telfer, Daniel Oi, Dave Cake, Jonathan Strahan, Elaine Kemp, Robin Pen, Martin J Livings, Jenny Kelly.


The Masquerade was held concurrently with the Australia Day Fireworks. Prevailing winds caused the smoke to blow in the open windows, requiring evacuation of the hotel, as the smell/triggering of the fire sensors was mistakenly thought to have been a gas leak. A con member, walking back to their car with the helium tank was pulled over by the police, suspicious of their behaviour. [Paul Andinach, Jack Bridges, Anna Hepworth]

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